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2002 VFR800 Normal Operating Tempurature

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by flashthebiker, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Riding to work this morning ambient temp around 8c. Running temp around 80c, stopped at lights for about 3 minutes temp went up to 104c.

    Rode away and temp stayed at 104c for the next 3 minutes until I got to work. When I turned off the engine the fan was running madly. Left it sit for 30 seconds while I unlocked the gate. Started again and the temp quickly dropped to 90c.

    Does the rapid rise to over 100c indicate a thermostat issue?

  2. Yeah you could have an issue there, you should see a noticeable temperature drop after a couple of minutes of riding.

    Maybe you just didn't ride for long enough after this for there to be drop, but I usually notice a drop straight away when on the move again.

    You can check to see if the thermostat is working by dropping it in a pot of boiling water.

    It might be worthwhile to check to see if the radiator fins are in good condition also, and that the coolant level is adequate.
  3. Most bikes water temp will rise to over 100C when stationary, especially the V4's which can easily retain more heat.

    There's only a problem if you see it get to above 110C, or if it doesn't fall backl down when riding at 60km/h.

    Edit: My VFR regularly gets to 105C in traffic, but usually only in warm weather.
  4. coolant level, cooling fins, sensor, thermostat.. Put the sensor in a cup of boiled water and check to see what temperature is being read.
  5. Thanks for replies

    As the bike is under a 3 month warranty I'll take it back to the dealer and ask them to check the cooling system. It has to go back in any case as they are arranging for the seat to be recovered.
  6. Do you realise how lucky you are? :wink:
  7. Yeah I do actually, lived in Bairnsdale for the first 23 year of my life... miss the road from Bruthen to Swifts Creek tho. Mum lived in Bruthen and her sister in the Creek.
  8. As others have said it is normal to see up to 105 sitting in traffic in warm weather. In cold weather I have only seen temps above 100 when the radiator cap became faulty, allowing the water to expand into the overflow tank, but not allowing it to return on cooling. This meant the engine had less coolant in it and with side mounted radiators only the lower half on the radiator was providing any cooling, thus why it takes a while for the temp to come back down.

    Check the coolant level in the engine by loosening the top of the right hand side fairing and remove the radiator cap.

    By the way a genuine Honda cap is $45!!!
  9. I'd go with all the above suggestions first, but...

    ...what oil is it using? I find certain oils heat-up and cool quicker than others: depending on weight, syn v. dino, etc. I definitely found full-synth 10W40 oil heated up very quickly... but also dropped temperature quickly when I hit a decent speed.

    Food for thought.
  10. Checked the Radiator

    Checked the fluid levels and radiator fins on the weekend. Radiator and overflow tank were full/at correct levels and fins in good nick. So either thermostat or sensor...

    [Edit}... or nothing is wrong and I'm being anal :?