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2002 Ducati Monster 400 [L]

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Rolkus, May 15, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am selling my bike, as I wish to get a motard. Alot of my family do dirt bike riding, and I want to join them, but also continue on the road, so I'm selling this bike to make way for something that can multi task.

    I am asking $5500 which includes RWC. It has about 53,000km's on it, registration until Sept.

    It is also LAMS approved.

    I love it, but am looking for something different as listed above.

    No faults with the bike, the only problem I had was it not starting, which I replaced for a simple $10, and not a problem since.



    Can be contacted on 0401 376 864.
  2. careful you don't damage your mums Tupperware bloke, wouldn't end well
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  3. Truth is, that's why I'm selling it. To pay for it.
  4. lol touche
  5. Bike will be listed on eBay on the 18/5.

    Edit: May swap for Dr-Z400S/SM/E.
  6. Where were you when i was on my restrictions?
  7. Hmmm it is actually very tempting ... The very high km's concern me though ...
  8. Its up to you (obviously). I've had one problem with it, and that was the start/stop relay dying. Easily fixed, thanks to a fella on this forum.
  9. Lovely bike mate - good luck with the sale.

    What motard/bike are you looking at?

  10. your not serious are you?

    53000 for a 2002 model isn't high at all mate

    that's just over 5000km a year, nothing
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  11. Didn't think of it that way Goz, very good point. In 6 months I'd put 7,000km's on to my ZZR. Cheers for the perspective update!

    Still waiting on the payout from my write-off. Hopefully that comes soon! =[
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  12. Cheers mate. Got my heart set on a DRZ400SM. Has to be SM (or have SM setup) as I can't touch the ground on S/E's. Well I can, but only just.
  13. Haha ... yeah wait till i put up my speed triple for sale....

    2008 model 65,000KM and still going strong !
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  14. If you need a hand in getting one, send me a PM.

  15. Yeah cheers mate, will do!
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