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2002 Ducati Monster 1000s ie

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Beno271, May 7, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    Found said bike on bikesales.com.au


    I contacted the dealer and he responded with "We thank you for your interest in our Ducati Monster 1000S. This particular bike was imported from Japan. The compliance date of this bike is 28 July 2010. This bikes comes with new tyres, fully serviced and a current RWC."

    Now I don't know much about imports from Japan (Would think a duke would come from Italy?)

    What are your thoughts on this? Should I ask any other questions?

    Feeling like a real noob here, thankyou for any advice :)
  2. It means it is a used bike from Japan. It would be originally from Bologna, Italy...

    They are known as "grey imports" do a search to find out some disadvantages. If the price is right you may still want to do it.
  3. Bike sale valuations

    Private Prices $7,600 - $9,000
    Trade In Prices $5,400 - $6,400
    Price Guide(EGC)
    $16,995* Price Guide

    This bike is sitting on $8990 on road costs

    What is your personal opinion about price matched up with price guide and the grey import status of it?

    I might have a look at it tomorrow in Ferntree Gully.
  4. I would want a discount on other bikes of the same model to accept a grey import. So it seems dear to redbook.

    Also 11 years old for $9k, seems dear even for a duc, i have been lusting after 999s that are not much more which are much more sought after. Ok the kms are good but greys are often wound back.

    You know this is not lams legal?
  5. Hmm that one is dearer than redbook as well. Is that what ou are finding? Maybe that is how much they are.....they are a rare bike. Ducatis from that era are a lot more uncommon than today and then the s2r didnt sell many.

    Maybe redbook reflects the fact that people actually take a lot less than what they ask as well. Of course as well people do lie about how muchthey did pay.

    That seems better kms for the year. One thing I have been reading is that ducs dont like sitting, so low kms isnt necesarily that good, but those comments were about the liquid cooled bikes so maybe the air cooled bikes might be better. Something to consider and maybe do some research.

    Really price comes down to what someone is willling to pay. These next 3 months are the best time to buy as no one wants to buy in winter, people set their prices on summer prices but then no one is looking at their bike. Depending on how much they need the money they will come down. This one has been up for two weeks, maybe go see it then make him a low ball offer if it looks good and leave your number if he refuses. I have got 20-30% off my bikes that way at this time of year. But sometimes they wont need the money so you will miss out. You take a chance