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2002 Bandit 1200S

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  1. Always liked the Bandits,nearly bought one before my XJR.
  2. these look awesome in black, like the plate too!

    PS - mate your shed could do with a bit of a clean up, lol
  3. The plate is actually from my wifes Monster 750. We transferred it to the Bandit when she wrote the Monster off. Then we transferred it to her SV650. When she decided to sell that we transferred the plate back to the Bandit. When she eventually gets another bike we'll transfer it to that bike.

    Funny story though. We hadn't given it a second thought when she bought the bike. Then we were on a ride with the club and, as is the way of things, there might have been a bit of a race. One of the guys said that Janice started like an F111 - takes off and then the landing gear goes up slowly, then another said, "well it makes sense, look at the plate, it's a weapon.

    PS - all the stuff in the shed is stuff we can't fit in the house and I'm waiting to get the money to get a skip bin. There's 2 lounges, 2 queen beds, a single bed mattress and various other associated furniture. Somewhere in there are boxes of video tapes from the 1996 to 2002 MotoGP and WSBK championships.
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  4. keep the plate, what a touring WPN :)
  5. In order to maintain marital bliss it is agreed that when the Minister of Finance gets herself another bike I am to hand the plate back to her.
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