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VIC 2002 Aprilia RSV Mille - Notting Hill

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by smshcrsh, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. Hi Netriders,

    My Aprilia RSV Mille, 2002, Silver was stolen this morning in Notting Hill, around Clayton Victoria.

    Not too many of these around in Silver. Please call if you spot it. Distinguishing scratches on the left side of the tail where it fell over one time.

    0422 111 363

    Cash reward offered!

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    Hello mate that's a dam shame .pricks . Did you report to vicpol ? And can I ask if you had it serviced recently ? ( there is a good reason for that last question )
  3. And it was, of course, insured.....
  4. Yep all reported n stuff thx.
  5. Is your bike on bikesales? If so, was anybody asking and you told them your daytime location? Maybe some info for the police report. BTW, nice bike, never really noticed them before.
  6. Good luck in getting that lovely bike back mate
  7. I'm curious why you ask about the service thing mainstage!

    Thanks dudes. Nah its not on bikesales but good thinking.
  8. It might be a good idea to explain why that is a good reason.
  9. I'm guessing he means that sometimes bikes go missing after they are serviced because not all bike servicing places have completely honest staff, and you have to furnish your place of abode when you leave your bike with them for servicing...
    I AM sorry your lovely bike has gone, mate, my bike is 20 years old next year and I'd be inconsolable if someone stole it......
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    Gotta wonder. Not a nice feeling thinkin someone knows something about your stolen bike you don't...

    Thanks for the kind words. You can just imagine how it feels.

    Could you please elaborate on the service question mate?
  11. What's the reg number? You could also check if it's been on Eastlink or Citylink. Many thefts in Monash/Glen Waverley area, according to the newspapers. Hope you get it back soon.

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    @smee@smee @smshcrsh@smshcrsh as some may know I have a family member in vicpol . There is currently an investigation under way concerning a motorcycle service centre and a number of stolen bikes and the passing on of customer details to the bad guys . Can't elaborate further as it's on going . .@smshcrsh sorry mate was going to send you a pm but as your new I can't ( not enough posts ) all the best mate .
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  13. ok thanks for the heads up :)
  14. Hmm... Super interesting... when do i get private messages? Id love to give you some info.
  15. This is interesting. Around 2 weeks ago I picked up my Aprilia Tuono from a service centre in Notting hill and usually the bike lives in the back yard, however, when I go it home I left it in the carport behind my car, and I was woken by police at 4.45am to advise that Dandenong police have my bike as it was involved in a single vehicle accident.

    I did think it was very weird timing as the service centre had had my bike for a month and the night I get it back, it goes missing??
  16. Yes it is odd, although it could also be someone noticing you arrive and the fact that bike was visible. You can't rule out info being passed on but most pro thieves are not known for riding around on the stolen goods.
    A few years ago when mine was nicked, it (apparently) was loaded onto a vehicle and pulled to bits within a few hours.
  17. No the service centre concerned is not in notting hill .