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2001 yamaha xt250 opinions???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jeffatav, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. I am seriously considering getting a 2001 yamaha xt250 as a second bike for commuting to work on "iffy" days (weather wise and it will naturally slow me down in the wet :grin: ) because after a slight shower, when I am on the cruiser, results in more chrome polishing and cleaning.

    Also I could throw it on the back of my truck and use it as a runaround locally.

    I could use any advise/opinions on the Yammy.

    Thanx in advance

  2. Yep, good bike.
    Sort of overshadowed by the TT range a bit, the XT is considered more of an Ag bike. Great for short asses and chicks learning to ride.
    same motor as the TT i think but diferent cam may be, the power range is diferent to the TT.

    basicaly the XT is to the TT as is the Honda XR to the XL (well almost , sort of)

    All in all a good little bike IMHO
  3. Hmmm I thought that the later XT250 was really the 230 motor out of the Serow not the earlier 4 valve 250cc motor similar to the TT.

    I know the earlier ones were very similar though...