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2001 VTR250 Mini Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Spart106, May 16, 2016.

  1. Hey Forum,
    I have had my VTR250 2001 for 3 months, she is great and I will probably keep her forever. I get my unrestricted in a year and will buy a 2nd bike then, but keep the vtr250 for a bit of commuting and so on.

    I havent done much to her apart from braided front brake line and different handle bars and grips. I also drilled the baffle as I didnt want to spend money just to make it sound better. I also have luggage sorted out with a tank and tail bag.

    So does anyone have any suggestions for mods I can do to make it commute or ride better?

    I do communting, shopping and twisties on her :). She is my only mode of transport as I train in to work and have woolies opposite work and walking distance to home.
  2. how'd the headlight? you could do a twin LED setup?
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  3. I didnt really like the twin headlight because it would be harder to hide the wires. I did get after market halogen lights and indicators because I liked the original ones so I get almost identical new one. I also did a tail tidy :).
  4. I don't have any suggestions, but it would be great if you could post update pics when you can. Any ideas about what sort of end result your looking for?
  5. Silly me for forgetting photos hahahah... Here they are!!

    I get her for dirt cheap looking like rubbish, and needing tlc, seat apholstery and fork sleals and dust covers. Did it all myself :). The foam was a little dented and it indented in the vynil but soon I will redo the foam with memory foam or something. The exhaust is also sprayed matte black by me.

    Im looking for something snazzy and great for twisties and on the road.

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  6. what's on the back of the seat? looks like clips?
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  7. They are what my tail bag clip onto, its one of those expandable bagster ones :).
  8. welcome aboard :)
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  9. Thank you!!! I love her :). I got for Ps in 10 days :)
  10. Good luck with the test mate!
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  11. I saw those sub $90 slip ons on Third Gear website, what are they like?
  12. What handle bars are they? I have the exact same bike and would love to throw new handle bars on. I'm thinking of getting rid of the bulky tail light and putting something more slim there. Also changing the front light to a dual headlight. These are just to make it look nicer.

    I think that If you want to commute better, you should throw on a windshield. I don't know about you but I get a tonn of wind on me over 80km/h. I think having a windshield would help making a highway ride much more comfortable.

    How about putting a phone holder on there. Would be able to check the time, gps etc considering that you use the bike for most your transport.
  13. They are Value Drag Bars from Third Gear :). They are shorter than standard bars so the hand instruments dont hit the tank, however I had to get creative wiring the front brake line and clutch line under instrument panel.

    I did the tail tody but kept the tail light so I dont have to hassle with a number plate light and leaking into the seat box. I like the headlight hahah, also its easy to hide cables in it.

    I actually love the buffeting of the wind on the freeway :).

    I have a small tank bag with room for a gps/phone/map ontop. I am looking at wiring usb up and a hydration solution.
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  14. Hey mate, Just searched up the bars and they are bloody cheap. Was it that difficult wiring the front brake lone and clutch line? Might actually consider buying one of these for my VTR250
  15. I just unscrewed the dash and put the wires through the gap and screwed it down. You will have to loosed the bolt on the brake line to get the elbow in the right position. You also may need new grips too normally which are cheap and easier than removing stock ones. You also have to drill the guide holes for the hand controls.
  16. Thanks for the reply, Will def consider doing this as they look great!
  17. It is fun to do but can be time consuning as you have ensure there is no binding of clutch and throttle cable. Also as the mirrors are closer to the middle, rear view vision is reduced a little.
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