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2001 sv650s hesitation and 50k sitrep.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Shiner, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. So hey peeps!

    It has been a while and I really should post on here more often. My '01 sv650 that I bought dirt cheap at 36ish thousand k's for an everyday commuter has just clicked over the 50 000km mark, nil issues aside from the rain in the front plug and a few flat tyres :(

    I did discover a very cheap fix for the "SV325" syndrome of dropping the front cylinder in the rain. As I still haven't bought a fender extender, and nobody seems to use dielectric grease anymore I purchased some dow corning #4 (basically the same thing but withstands anything you throw at it)

    1 application has lasted me over 5 months of daily riding now.


    Now to my big question! My bike has been suffering some hesitation issues for the last 10 000km. A quick crack of the throttle will often end up in a stumble, sometimes not revving when i got to blip on a downchange, and a general loss of power in the top end and some in the bottom.

    I am due for a service, and do intend to get the valves adjusted and the carbies balanced, however I'm thinking it may be more a fuelling or ignition issue? whats your opinion? My plans are to probably look for any vacuum leaks and clean out the fuel strainer in the tank.

    Aside from that, I intend to get this ole' girl to the 100 000k mark, and my next big challenge is ahead... brakes. I've never really done them before aside from pad changes but my braking is suffering severly, with poor response from the front and soggy brakes at the rear despite numerous bleeds and a pad change.

    So this will be my job in a few weeks;
    -rebuild front and rear master cylinders (front was very crusty when bought)
    -new HEL lines
    -rebuild front and rear calipers (it was an effort and a half to push the crusted up pistons back in on the rear)
    -new pads and discs
    -clean and paint the calipers (they are pretty mank)

    And that is it :) and oh, if you wonder why I'm not simply buying new master cylinders? I did think about that however for the price of just the front master cylinder (average to good quality) I can get front and rear rebuild kits. Plus its more fun to tinker.

  2. As well as checking for vacuum leaks & cleaning fuel strainer in tank, I'd recommend strip & clean carburettors. Check throttle position sensor. Check the second air device / pollution control. It bleeds air into exhaust and if stuck open can cause running issues. Block it off to see if running improves. Make sure choke cables & plungers are operating correctly & not sticking on. Replace spark plugs.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't they symptoms of running rich rather than lean?

    How long since you cleaned the air filter?