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2001 SV650 drive worries.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Shiner, May 18, 2013.

  1. Hey peeps.

    I've now owned my SV650 for a total of 3500km, 98% from commuting to work (65km round trip).

    2000km ago I had the chain and sprockets replaced as well as a oil change and she was running brilliantly with no dramas aside from cable adjustments (finally adjusted the clutch cable and got it to stay put).

    However on my way to work on Friday I heard a scraping noise from around my front sprocket, pulled over to have a look and couldn't see anything except that I needed to adjust my chain (was around 2.2" of slack, yeah I should have gotten to that earler, it was able to hit the swingarm).

    After a quick check I babied it to work, up the road from where I heard the noise, it happened once or twice more and it felt like it either jumped out of gear or that the chain wasn't on and then came normal after a second.

    Needless to say I pulled out the credit card since I was low on cash and bought the tools and cleaning gear. Cleaned up the chain and sprockets and inspected them. All appears new and fine, and adjusted to a touch over 1" slack on the sidestand (0.8" slack with weight on). Adjusted to this level as 20-30mm is recommended and after experiences in the past I shy away from it being too tight.

    What could the problem have been? I have ridden conservatively lately, and it hasn't re-occurred. I will go out to do some shopping and see if it feels better though.

    The clutch feels fine, no noises come from that with all use, it doesn't slip, and it bites normal on acceleration and deceleration. Never hard launched but ridden in a spirited manner occasionally (and still picks the front end up under acceleration in 1st so no slip noticed at all).

    My only idea could be it was too slack, and maybe started having issues or something flew up and got caught in the chain?

    aside from that, perhaps with bad habits from riding, being cold and early in the morning I might have not noticed leaving my boot near the shifter and possibly put pressure on it? knocking it out of gear slightly?

    Anyone else got a clue?
  2. Ok update.

    Took her out for a ride to the shops. Started relaxed cruising then after all seemed much better gave her about 65% in spirited riding with a few full throttle blats up to 6500rpm, with engine braking on the slowdown.

    Nil problems noticed, seems a fair bit better once it has been tightened and cleaned but only time will tell I guess?
  3. Having bought the tools, did you take the front sprocket cover off and check that the front sprocket was on properly? Nut loose, tab washer not bent over to lock the nut in place ??

    That said 2+" ( over 50mm ) of chain slack will cause the odd scrape and problem, perhaps including jumping over teeth on the sprocket which could be interpreted as seeming to 'jump' out of gear for a second
  4. Yeah she is all good.

    I was thinking that it could have jumped a link or similar, or as I'm starting to think that I was not paying attention and left my boot too close to the shifter.

    It will all be double checked this weekend anyways as I'm suffering from SV325 after riding in the rain (yay no front cylinder spark).

    So as a result its a service Saturday, coolant, plugs, cleaning out the drain hole and then some dielectric grease. fun fun fun.
  5. No longer a halfabusa but a quarterbusa!

    I used to have one of there and found a fenda extender helped. They are ugly but cheap
  6. Yeah def in the market to buy a fender extender. But today is 'service saturday' as usual. $220 service including tools;

    -Motul 5100 & filter
    -Motul Inugel expert coolant
    -NGK CR8E plugs (standard, I see no need for the extra $$$ of iridium on this type of bike).
    -Dielectric grease & plug thread grease
    -Motul parts cleaner, and rubber/plastic safe electrical contact cleaner
    -Motul fuel system cleaner

    No I am not a brandwhore but I have had good results and reliable performance from Motul products in the past.

    Plan is for a medium service, including cleaning and greasing as many electrical components especially the plug leads as I can find. Plus a clean of the air filter.

    Will wait for the next pay to do brake pads, DOT4 flush, new air filter and probably a new flasher relay (to slow down the flash rate care of LED blinkers).

    I don't think my post count allows it, but I might post up a visual "how-to" thread for 99-02 SV (and probably older) owners for this basic maintenance

  7. Well I have to say that was an adventure!

    ripping all the fairings off, the tank propped up and the radiator off...

    Ended up replacing the plugs, which looked nasty as anus, the coolant which smelt like burnt peanuts, and the oil which although changed 3500km ago was fairly black for a synth blend.

    All up it seems to start easier and rev much quicker with less hesitation. time will only tell if she is going to be brilliant.