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2001 R6 as a trackie?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Myke, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Hi all, I'm hoping to get your views of a 2001 R6 as a track bike. What are your thoughts about the age/equipment of those bikes.

    Assuming the bike is mechnically ok. The one I was looking at had about 20,000km before it was written off and became a race bike, then sold onto its current owner which used its as a track bike for about a year. It's had 2 slides on the right.

    The bike will not be raced but just tracked for fun and to learn on - any thoughts?

    I've called a few wreckers to get an idea of parts and it seems readily available if needed down the track (haha unintentional pun) but obviously the cost can start to add up. Something like getting the carby cleaned can cost about $200 each.. a tune/full service $600....

    But the big unknown is still the suitability of the bike.. any views would be appreciated.
  2. Ive had a 99 r6 as a track bike which is the same model. Mine proved reliable although i only used it for 4 track days over a couple of years before upgrading. They do have known gearbox gremlins, usually 2nd gear popping out under max load which was a $2k gearbox rebuild for a friend of mine recently. They arent fuel injected which many including myself will say is a negative. It would want to be under $3k for me to consider it. There are plenty of track bikes in the $3-5k range which are a few years newer with EFI, upside down forks, radial mount brakes etc
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yeah its def less than $3k prob $2.5 - 3k.

    What is the negative with it being carburated? I have a perception that this is an issue as well but not completely sure why - requiring cleaning / longevity? Or is it just that they don't produce as much ooph?

    When you say popping you, do you mean just disengages and you need to re-engage the gear.. or as in the cog actually popps out inside the gearbox?

    My concern is with such an old bike, whilst it is cheap to purchase, the repair bill will be almost the same as a newer model.. although.. between say a 2001 and a 2004/05... there's still 10 years for it to be poorly maintained
  4. Yeah check the gearbox well before you buy it, similar to subarus they seem to make 2nd from porcelain!

    Honestly, spend the extra and get an R6 from 06 onwards, or a GSXR from 04, CBR from 05, or ZX6 from 07
  5. I recently got an 07 gixxer with a heap of spares and tyres for under $4K. Track bikes are like boats in my opinion: Easy to buy, hard to sell.
    You will get a better deal if you're prepared to wait and do the searching/bartering.
  6. That's what I've noticed... road bikes are very slow to move as it is
  7. I reckon you can do better for the money. If it's a fully sorted race bike (suspension tuned etc) that's a difference but if it's just an 01 with fairings and tyres you'll have to sink a fortune into it
  8. Never had a problem with my 07 Wrx and it had lots of high rpm launches. Lots of people with Subaru change the clutch and this is a no no as the clutch is the weak point, remove that and the gearbox has to take the brunt of the forces. As for 2000 r6 as tracks, you'd be able to fine heaps of other options for around the same price. Look at kawasaki, they don't hold value well so they are cheap trackies and they are fairly reliable
  9. Thanks guys, the above are useful tips.
  10. EFI bikes are easier to start. No choke required. Especially if left for a period of time (which the majority of track bikes are) a carbed bike may cause some issues.

    Here's a EFI Yam R1 I spotted going dirt cheap in NSW
  11. I'm from the school of "nothing remains stock" which means something better than the standard clutch is required on everything.

    Its an easy fix, just not a cheap one - the sti 6 speed box
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