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2001 R6 any good?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DoIhaveTo, Aug 19, 2014.

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    Not sure if this is in the right section, so apologies if it is.

    Anyway, I'm thinking of upgrading from my little LAMS bike to an R6 or similar and would like to see what people think of an 01 R6? Are there any problems to be aware of with this bike? Or would there be better bikes to look at?

    I am trying to do a swap deal so I don't have to save up extra $$$. Dude on gumtree seems to be somewhat interested for a swap but we'll see, I won't go getting too excited.

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  2. I would hate to ride one of those on the road mate. So Uncomfy to ride, the peaky power band drove me nuts. They have very little power under about 8 grand and then they go nuts. Each to their own though. I just don't have fun riding on the road hunched over so far with my neck cranked back trying to see the road ahead. If your looking for an awesome quick sports bike for the road a cbrf4 (carby) or f4i (efi) are worth a look
  3. Sounds like it might be okay as a track bike or something. I do like bulls out power though, but the way you describe it sounds fairly average down low, it'd be good if the power was good overall not just crazy at higher end of town.

    I wouldn't mind getting into track days but at the same time, it would have to be bearable for commuting/longer riders since I'll be trying to swap my bike for it.

    The f4i and cbrf4 look alright, I like the look of the f4i more though, I don't think I've seen any on gumtree though as I'd much rather swap for one over buy one and have two bikes laying around and I don't like going through the effort of selling things.

    Does anyone know of any other sites similar to gumtree with a swap/trade section? I have looked around but couldn't find anything.
  4. Nah, they're shithouse, get a BMW S1000RR.
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  5. The F4i is a great all-purpose bike....
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  6. This at minimum. I would recommend the HP4 Comp though if you can find it on Gumtree.
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  7. I'm not made of money.

    If I had the money do you not think I would have already gotten one of those?

  8. Money is no barrier, lack of will power is.
  9. Money is a barrier mate. I think you're living in some sort of dream world.

    Let me know where I can get an S1000RR for under 10 grand than, something that hasn't been slogged out either.

    Anyway, it seems an f4i might be the way to go, but there doesn't seem to be many of them on gumtree.
  10. Get the r6 but i think you want a later one.

    These guys above are just straight line heroes, they need the extra cc to keep up with the little bikes....
  11. 01 r6s look awesome and go great. A real feisty little thing that likes to give a little head shake under power. On the downside they are carbied, and have a second gear that must be made of glass. I've had both, and the f4i is a better rounded bike. F4i does tend to have a higher resale but then again they are a later generation bike
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  12. Excuses. Money is no barrier. I bet you're on of those people who sleeps at night instead of working 2 jobs.

    If you started working at night instead of sleeping you could afford that HP4 Comp in no time.
  13. Okay, you can stop trolling now because honestly, you are no good at trolling.

    Yes I believe the f4i would be a better bike, as I'd like to go on some longer rides as well as one day get into doing some track days, so I'll keep my eye open for some f4i's around and see if I can edge a swap deal or swap+extra bit of money deal for it.
  14. Don't get too offended by some light, sarcastic banter. There's plenty on offer on here and most of it is good natured.
  15. Not at all. If you want something badly enough, money is no barrier.

    If you can't afford it, you simply don't want it enough :)