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2001 Kawasaki ZZR250 for 1K

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 3kul94, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. hey there guys I'm new to the forum and recently got my L's

    Been looking at getting my first bike, I wanna 250 and came across the bike in the title for 2K the guy offered me 1K for my 2013 piaggio typhoon 50 with only 1000ks on the clock which means I get this bike for 1K

    It's got 6000ks on it and is in absolute primo condition I took it for a ride and it's super comfy to ride. Only thing is I can't find much on the bike at all as far as info goes and don't know much about the zzr bikes.

    I just wanna know if they're any good and if that is a good deal?
    And if u can get a fuel gauge for the damn thing like who makes a bike without a fuel gauge anyway cheers guys!

  2. ZZR, solid and reliable, heaps of threads/info about them
    usually go for 2-3K..6000km is not many in 14 years...
    does it run? any issues?

    fuel gauge? you hit reserve at about 350km, and have about 50km left to go after switching to reserve.. no need for fuel gauge :)

  3. Haha just not use to not having a fuel gauge ... But yeah runs well it was idling real high like 3000 rpm at first I put the choke down and rode it came back and she was all good didn't have any issues as far as I know it's from a dealer too btw...
  4. choke should get it to around 3krpm. should be about 1500 normally (or a bit less)
  5. Oh ok I see I am a noob to all of this. I like the bike and the ks it has on it and it's condition both mechanically and aesthetically just wasn't sure about it being that cheap do people not like the zzrs or just because she's an old girl?? Also could u link us to some threads on it I only came across 1 or 2 :/
  6. Welcome to the forum, when you get a chance post a thread in the Welcome Lounge it is the custom around here to introduce yourself there.

    Lots of bikes don't have fuel gauges, you reset the trip meter when you fill up and use it.

    6000km for a 11 year old bike is low, if they are genuine. Does the seller have a service history for the bike?

    There is nothing significantly wrong with them as a design and as are generally reliable. Individual bikes of course may have been poorly serviced or mistreated. It is a 14 year old bike though and will be bound to have some wear issues.
  7. Yeah I did enquire about the service history and he reckons he does have some on it, and I'll be sure to go to the lounge and introduce myself....

    I wanna get it to purely get my re licence on but I've grown to like its kinda unique style and might keep it for quite some time...
  8. ZZR's becoming less popular than Ninja250's and 300's.. but that doesn't mean they are a bad bike.. maybe dealer just wants to move it?

    mine is now over 30,000km and feels like it is just run in ;)
  9. At only 6000kms that is a bargain.

    I have owned two with over 60000kms on them which have been reliable.

    You'll be able to ride that around fkr all your l and p and basically get your money back
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  10. I ride one as a commuter, a 2006 model. Supposedly only done 15000km, but the engine was about to blow up so I had it replaced with another second hand engine. Dunno if I'd trust the kms on yours, but if it goes ok, then good.

    Love the 18l tank! I get a week's worth of commuting for around $16. If I take car and tram (I used to do that in bad weather), the tram itself cost over $7 per day.

    Don't need a fuel gauge; it has a reserve, so you shouldn't be stranded. I use the trip meter and refill somewhere btw 300 and 320 km just to be sure. Haven't had to use reserve yet.

    Yes, it's a bit tame, especially compared to my Zthou (lol, isn't everything???), but I bought it to do a job, and it does what I want. As a LAMS bike it'll be ok, but a Z300 or Ninja300 would be more interesting (but bigger $$).
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    Ah no kidding haha yeah it was a little sluggish low RPM but I pushed her through the rev range to around 11k from 1st to 3rd before I ran out of room it pulled like no tomorrow lol plenty enough for me at this stage

    Yeah well the price definitely sprung to mind for 1K it looked and rode real well! I dunno about the ks either only thing that leads me to believe it's that low is the condition of the bike itself I'll link it in the post, I definitely don't wanna lemon. I was looking at ninja 300s and 250s and cbr 250s and what not I just didn't wanna spend more than 2k on my first bike. And like I said I actually really like the style of the zzr which makes it much more appealing

    What's the cost on servicing on her? Is it sort of more expensive and have to find parts??

    No kidding over 60,000ks that's huge! As long as she's reliable to get me my license I'll be happy!

    Five Star Motorcycles — New & Used Motorcycles, Perth, Western Australia that's the girl there guys if yes wanna have a look!

    Page 2 half way down btw
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    Looks nice.
    The hand grips don't have much wear and look oem, so the kays may be real. Windshield not.crazed and switchblocks not faded, so hasn't been stored outside.

    Servicing? Just needs oil and filter mostly.
    Around 20Kkm will need valve clearances done. That takes labour and time.

    Yup, not much guts below 7000, then picks up and revs to 14.
    Thats great for learning as you can putt around at lower revs for a while.
    Still about as quick.as a.V6 commodore when you pin it.

    Check manufacture date of tyres.. if they are original they may be either hard or show some.cracking..
    about 300 or so to replace with Pirelli Sport Demons. Not a bad idea to start on fresh rubber
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  13. Agree it's probably on old rubber
  14. Just buy the damn thing. What's your financial exposure? $1k. About 6 weeks groceries.
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  15. #15 3kul94, Sep 5, 2015
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    Yeah I'll definitely bare that in mind, cheers for all your info btw, I suppose it's not a bad start, so I might go for it! Is anything else I should look for before I get it? Like mechanically etc.... And about as quick as a v6 commodore? I can see much different feeling though like I ducked down to give it flat stick I was happy with it! But do you think 1k for an 2013 model scooter with on 1000ks on it is a bit low, like I paid 2350 for this thing lol!

    I know haha when u look at it like that I just didn't want a heap sitting in my shed that I wasted basically 2k on
  16. Trading in your scooter you are always going to get screwed. Thats with anything cars, bikes, woman. The benefits are not hassling with tyre kickers, putting up ads, organising test rides etc etc. For some that is worth taking a bit of a hit on.

    Sell privately if you want more $$ for your scooter but if you dont have the cash to buy now for $2k then tradein might make the deal.

    If you have or can borrow $2k buy it, sell your scooter for $1500 or whatever you actually want for it and then pay back whoever you borrowed off.

    Plenty of options when we are only talking $2k. (in the grand scheme of things)
  17. The zzr had the better engine than the gpx250 (later became the ninja 250)
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    Yeah ill probably just trade her in before i miss the deal had it on gumtree already been mucked around a bit.... cheers for your input man!

    Yeah I've heard about that been reading up on it plus is carbied not electronic which ive heard can have some issues (injection systems) im sold on it ill pick it up tomorrow and go from there

    On another note i dont wanna spend $70 on.lessonsone lessons every time i ride it to build some practice and i have no mates who have licenses, are there groups or anything around the perth (freo) area i dont wanna ride it on the dodge and get picked up....
  19. Looks like a very neat, genuine low km bike. This will be a great step up from a scooter. They are reliable when serviced properly ( lots of learners ride them into the ground with no maintenance) and can be very economical if need be ( I got over 400kms from a tank if I kept revs under 6k). They do go very well for a little 250 when revved between 8 - 14k and handle well with a good set of tyres.
    I bought mine second hand as my first bike and had a lot of fun on it. The engine was a bit smokey when revved hard (worn rings) but it still went hard
    For 1k I don't see how you could go wrong. Just budget for a new set of tyres as it probably still has the originals on it.
  20. And a new chain and sprockets....found out mine are shot.