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2001' Kawasaki ZZR-250

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Radar, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Well, to cut a long story short, I have to urgently offload my ZZR-250, as I'm being deployed again shortly (Navy).

    A bit of background. I bought her in the start of '08, when I first got my learners. She was Victorian registered, and will be sold unregistered, and without roadworthy. She has been dropped once in the driveway, leaving minor scratches, and lowsided once at 20kmph, leaving some decent scratches to the left fairing, and left muffler. I had her inspected straight after, and she was mechanically and engineering wise, fine, just looks a little worse for wear.

    Currently as 30,3xx on the clock, most of which has been country commuting (used to work nightshift 30km away). She's been garaged for the past year, as I've been deployed up North, in an underground defence carpark, so pretty safe :) I was hoping to get her back into shape again, but this deployment has killed any ideas of that.

    The good:

    - Serviced every 5,000km, very regular oil changes, will be doing a complete oil change before sale.
    - Will require very little/no work for roadworthy. May need to replace a cracked orange indicator cover (didn't in Victoria), and maybe the chain, but that'd be it.
    - Has an empicible service history (I'm a mechanical engineer, I take care of my stuff)
    - Will be fully serviced before sale (oil/filter, chain, brake fluids, etc)
    - Tyres are in good nick. Rear has done less than 4,000km. Front has plenty of tread left. I'd say overall 70/75%, so plenty left in them.
    - Was purchesed originally on these very forums from I'mSimon in '08, so she's got a Netrider history. Might as well continue it :)

    The bad:

    - Cracked/grazed fairing. She has battle damage, and isn't shiny and new. The price will reflect that.
    - My keys went walk about in Canberra last year. So currently doesn't have any. I'm getting new ones cut early next week, for $250. It's not stolen, and I can and will provide my last two years worth of rego papers proving ownership, and the expired plates and rego stickers. I'm in the defence force, Grand Theft Auto wouldn't look too good for my future career.
    - No rego/roadworthy. I'm still Victorian licence/address wise, and it'd be a massive pain in the ass that I simply don't have the time to do, otherwise I would.

    Now, I'm not deluding myself, I need her gone, and I need her gone quick, and she's not the shiniest pony in the barn. Therefore,

    $1,100 ONO.

    Bike is located in Watsons Bay, Eastern Suburbs. Pics will be up this afternoon. Inspection would be available sometime mid next week. Obviously no test rides as it isn't registered/pink slipped/insured.

    And hell, if you can take her off my hands this weekend, and can deal without having keys (you'd need a trailer, obviously), $800 cash. Probably dreaming, and I'm not sure if anyone would be interested at all, but I'm deploying very soon and need her gone.

    Thanks guys.
  2. $800 for a mechanically sound ZZR... pity I'm not in your state.
  3. Without keys, with battle scarring, and unregistered/no roadworthy.

    I don't want to mislead people here. She's not road ready, and the price reflects as such. I really wish this deployment wasn't happening, then again, 6 months of tax free pay...
  4. [​IMG]

    Also guys, just wanted to add, and this may sound lame, but serious buyers only please. See that carpark she's in, that's smack bang in the middle of a Naval Base. It's not easy for me to bring civilians in here, in fact it's quite the pain in the ass, and I can't just bring 20 people onboard, might raise a few eyebrows.
  5. Well, if someone could take her off my hands this weekend, I'd probably take $750 cash. Couldn't buy the parts for that amount :D
  6. Bike is now sold guys, thanks for the intrest. Sorry to those PM's I couldn't get to, deployment+birthday weekend+work = hectic. Thanks guys :)
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