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2001 Husqvarna SMR 570

Discussion in 'Archived' started by twisties, May 9, 2012.

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  1. 2001
    No rego.
    Has a TrailTech Vapour fitted which doesn't show true km's but it was somewhere between 4000 and 5500 km's when I bought it and has done less than 200kms since.
    Previous owner advised that the engine had been rebuilt before he bought it and embarrassingly that makes two owners in a row that haven't done anything with it.

    $3500 ono as is.

    Can be re-registered, just don't have the patience to get it sorted.
    Best suited as a track bike with oil changes at between 500 and 1000kms.
    Has upgraded cam but I don't have any more detail than that.

    I bought this bike to register and use as a weekend toy but its just been sitting in the garage un used for almost two years now. Having a 12 month suspension in there didn't help.

    Bike kicks over easily and runs great. (Kick only, no battery)

    Had an issue with the clutch not disengaging and have replaced cable, basket, inner hub, friction plates, metal driven plates and associated bearings/nuts etc.
    New front brake lever.
    Has a g2 ergonomics throttle tube with tamer cam to try and make the throttle less on/off. Haven't tested its usefulness de to lack of rego and no money for track time.
    Full barret exhaust which sounds absolutely insane though I'm not sure the Carb was ever jetted properly to match it.

    I want to sell as is, with spares including guage cluster, sprockets, brake pads, stock cam, plastics. If I didn't just wipe my bank account out buying a cage It'd probably just sit there for longer still so best to give someone else a chance to use it.

    Pm for more details.
  2. Where is it, its got a nsw plate?
  3. It is west of Melbourne.
    Plate was on it when I bought it from Canberra.[DOUBLEPOST=1357106555,1336572108][/DOUBLEPOST]Have moved house so Bike is now in Melton, west of Melb.
    I've also learned I need a new gearbox for my 4wd so I'm extremely keen to see this gone. PM me if interested, almost any time is good for a look, someone will be home most days.
  4. how would one go about road registering this in melbourne ?
  5. Should be as easy as putting the stock exhaust on temporarily, throwing on all the lights etc which are included and roll it on down to VicRoads for a VIN check and inspection.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.