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2001 HONDA CBR1100 XX Superblackbird

Discussion in 'Archived' started by goz, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. Bike 2001 HONDA CBR1100 XX Superblackbird
    Price $7,200
    Odometer 76,000 kms
    Body Road
    Colour Repsol
    Engine Capacity 1100

    Blackbird with rare repsol fairing kit. Bike is in very good condition. It has a Remus twin exhaust, Power commander (tuned by RC dyno tuning), Ventura rack and bag (brand new). Just had it re registered and put a brand new front tyre on it. Rear tyre is about 50% tread.

    Selling for a friend, PM me for details


  2. Goz,

    That bike looks in awesome condition..great paint scheme also. I would have definitely looked into this (for my sports touring needs) had I not picked up the Gixxer.

    Good luck with the sale and onya for selling it for your mate - I'm sure it'll go, fast !

    Cheers mate.
  3. funnily enough, the last 2 owners are netrider members, so lets keep the netrider theme going people lol
  4. Familiar bike is familiar. Rather distinctive too!
  5. didn't someone here just buy that not long ago 8-[

    oh yep that looks like UDLOSE bike, i take it he isn't doing as much touring as he thought
  6. Nah bit hard, he will be on the train next 6 months :)
  7. that's JC's old bird!! Phiz.
  8. Yup :) It was then sold off for touring duties. Well looked after bike
  9. Price drop $6500
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.