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VIC 2001 Honda CB600F2S Hornet

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by flinders_72, Sep 26, 2016.

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    2001 Honda CB600F2S Hornet $2800 in Murtoa, (western) Vic

    This isn't one of the modern 600s that has restricted power due to all the emissions laws, it's 97HP! However, it's a very easy bike to ride and would be perfect for someone that doesn't want an ill-handling behemoth like my BMW RT or for someone that's after something with more zip coming off their P's.

    Specs here: Honda CB 600F Hornet SE

    The bike is in immaculate condition for a bike of this age and if you were after one of these in this colour I can confidently say that you'd buy this one. Only 21,600km and it runs like new, possibly even better since it's run in (only just!). Selling because I have way too many bikes and my knees can only handle a physically small bike like this for a couple of hours and the closest twisties are an hour away. If I lived in the east of Melbourne or near some hills there's no way I'd be selling.

    The only additions are Puig (Hornet) Knobs, a bigger GEL battery, bar risers and a new rear tyre, which will be put on when the RWC is done. It will come with a RWC. I could register it, which you'd pay for, but you'd also have to pay transfer costs so I've left it unregistered.

    No test rides without payment because as I say, if you're after one of these you'll buy it anyway.


    Will deliver to Melbourne or anywhere within a couple of hundred km of Murtoa, Vic after a deposit has been paid.
  2. i have my eye on this as a first bike. Low kms attracted me. Let me do some sums.

  3. No probs Millzy but remember that with 97HP it's not LAMS approved.

    EDIT: I see you've done your time so this would be perfect.
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  4. RWC done today and new Dunlop Sportmax rear tyre is on. Note that I'll scrub the tyre in before passing the bike on.
  5. Price drop to $2500!