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2001 GSXR1000 (possible project)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Taily, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. If you have seen this on another website I apologise, but am looking for as much input into this as I can.....

    I went for a run down into Newwie this arvo as work has kinda been slow today. As you might remember when I joined recently I have been bikeless (personally) for a while now and am looking to slide on back into riding again on my own terms (gently, not on my rrrs). Being a mechanic by (first) trade, I am handy enough swinging my own spanners and a spraygun.

    Anyway, while out and about today (looking for something in the sport/tourer style) I came across an '01 Gixxer (has been listed as a repairable write-off), which has had a bit of a decent slide. The damage seems more cosmetic than anything - The carbon pipe has had a fibreglass repair and needs a new front end cap (or at least one made-up for it), the rear brake lever has marked (only mildly) the frame where it has been bent back at one stage (now either straightened or a new one fitted), the fairings have been mostly well repaired but there are still some minor marks and chips in them where they haven't been repaired. A few other things (a couple of non-std stuff fitted), but for the most part the bike seems to have only been ridden its (high) 30's km, the chain seems OK, but the rear sprocket is showing signs of wear (I'd put a pair of sprockets and a new chain on anyway). The bars seem OK (ie, they do not appear to be bent or to have nailed the frame/tank area) and it rides straight, and for the most part I dare say it wouldn't take all that much ($$$wise) to get it back close to something nice again. It will have a new front tyre fitted and six months rego included should I go ahead and run with it. Price being asked is in the high 6 grand area.

    Having been away from bikes for quite some time, I'm not right up there as I once was on the traits of different models. And also being 6'4" and around the 100kg mark.... well, you know the drill....

    The questions I have are:

    Engine/Gearbox/Clutch combo: Bulletproof (for the most part) or possible handgrenade? I have no idea how it has been ridden before this (but can guess), but as far a reliability goes?

    General: Did they have any known issues or areas I need to pay special attention to in so far as wear (ie: brakes/forks/head brgs/swingarm mounts etc etc)?

    I appreciate any meaningful advice on this one.