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2001 GSX-R1000 Fuel Injection Error

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by fred_kroft, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. Hello All

    I get a consistent FI error light when starting cold
    on cold weather mornings (for the past year
    since moving to adelaide).

    Light comes on 3 seconds after ignition and
    stays on.

    It seems to be temperature related. If weather is
    over 21-25 degrees, I don't get error.

    When it's been ran (say less than 8 hours after last
    start), i don't get error.

    When I had the bike in Darwin for 2 years, I very
    rarely got the fault. However, in Adelaide, it's
    pretty consistent.

    There's no drama's with starting at all. it's starts
    first pop.

    Do any other gixxer riders have this problem ?

    Cheers ;)

  2. i havent had that problem, but the warning light is there for a reason, so i would get it checked out.

    since your having no drama's with the bike running properly , maybe it's a fault with a sensor, rather than an actual fault in the FI

    cheers ratty ( aka Paul )
  3. Hi Fred,
    If sounds like it could be your battery getting down a little. It will still start ok but current is dropping across the computer hence the error. Restart after it has run a few minutes and it should be ok. (Bike has warmed up a bit and easier to swing over and you have toped up the battery) Or you could try a new battery.
    Very common with BMW's except it's an ABS error with them.
  4. that's an interesting possible cause ! ;)

    I don't know what the logic is running on my bike..
    presumably it's 5V.. and you would think that the
    the logic rail would have a DC-to-DC power supply
    that would regulate it... but it's all spectulation
    without looking at the schematic for my bike.

    any computer/digital system should have a
    power supply that should filter all that.. (inductance,
    voltage drops, voltage spikes etc)... but, of course
    it's hard to say what the design is supposed to do
    without again seeing the diagrams.

    Battery looks good. it cranks over fine.

    as with all diagnosis-- it could be a million things ;)
    Sounds like it's not a common fault.

    When it goes in for it's 24k service in a few
    weeks time, i'll mention it to the mechanic then.

    it's only a minor inconvience anyway.


  5. Hi Fred,
    I can't remember whether it was the Suzuki's or not, but I think there was fault with the O2 sensor. Don't know what the fault was or how to fix it, but I do remember reading somewhere that it was a problem.
  6. wtf! lol! Pete more water in your scotch mate! This post makes about as much sense as some of mine but I'm usually pissed by then! froflmao!
  7. thank you very much for your help grobert and to
    everyone. i'll be able to note the codes before service.

    it's interesting how one fellow on madisonsportbikes.com
    mentioned about controller running in "open-loop" on
    error and lowering power output..

    there again, he came across as a complete tosser who
    knew a little bit. there's a difference between sales pitch
    and the controller source listing ;)

    ears ;)


  8. your welcome
  9. fred u might want to check ur fault codes via output on ur ecu.faulty coolant or airtemp sensor will give u this problem.if u dont know how to pm me.regards mike.
  10. He he he he.. That answer of mine does sound a bit pissy doesn't it?
    What I was trying to say is that I remember an O2 sensor being faulty in a fuel injection uit. And that gave similar symptoms.
    Hic, burp, swill cheers.....