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2001 Ducati Monster 900 Dark

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nibor, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. i'm test riding a one on tuesday i think.

    it's black.
    it's naked.
    it's a twin.
    it's a duke.

    i want it.

    tell me everything you know about these bikes!
    looks to be in great condition, but i'm no mechanic. one thing i'm not 100% sure on is the owner said it's been serviced every 15,000km. seems a rather large interval for a motorbike? 46,000 on it, due for another service at 50k.
    will most likely be taking it in to Metro in Ringwood for a check-up.

    needs new rubber for a RWC, sprockets and chain look good, fairly fresh. staintune carbon fibre cans, K&N open air filter, tail tidy. fugly screen on it though haha. 2001 is fuel injected i'm pretty sure.

    it's like a beefy VTR =D
  2. Yeah, the Monster Dark is a hawt bike, no doubt about it. I do recall hearing something about Dukes and long service intervals... maybe a major ever 15k but oil changes in between? Someone will be along shortly who knows... Good call taking it for a mechanic's check. And yeah, I personally would be ditching the screen... it's not what this bike is *for*!
  3. I've had some experience with Monsters.
    My question would be whether it has been serviced at say the 20,000 and 40,000km marks. A question from the cogniscenti. Or perhaps within the last two years. ;) This is a serious question because I've heard the sound of a Ducati L twin running on one cylinder and it's akin to kerching of a cash register!
    There has been an extension in the distance before a service is required, but that has only been for newer models in the last 2 or 3 years. If I was buying a bike of this era, I'd prefer to hear of oil changes at 5000km, a checking of the belts service at 10,000km and change of belts at 20,000km. That would mean that a belt change at 20 and 40,000km marks. If the last belt change was over 2 years ago, then I'd be changing those too. Just in case. (refer to last paragraph)
    To reduce your risks, I'd be looking for a peak at the service history or asking where it has been serviced. ;)
    Check out the relatively new version of Ducati Monster Forum. :)
  4. That's a big part of it. Service history is that much more important for these. If it's been looked after right (which isn't actually so difficult) and it's one that was good from the start, then they can last very well.

    Proper belt adjustment/replacement and valve adjustment are the main extra factor on top of the usual stuff that applies to any other bike.
  5. Noooooo!

    You can't buy a bigger Monster than mine :(
  6. I spent a few days on a monster 900 (mid 90's carbed model). It was a great fit. Lowish seat, upright seating position, useful low-end torque. It was lovely for cruising around town.

    But man, the thing shook when revved. And the absence of a tacho made it difficult to determine whether it was red-lining or just badly built. Also it had a few electrical issues and parts were incredibly expensive. A microswitch for the brakelight cost $65!
  7. A test ride is all you need to decide if you like the feel of the bike.

    It's a Ducati; parts & service are a little more exy.

    As for the lack of taco; doesn't have any effect once you get used to it, rev it out too much & you just hit a wall where there is no more power, change up a gear & all is sweet. The amount of riding you do you'll be used to it in no time.

    Then again.....No you don't want it, horrible bike, naaaaasty :cheeky:
  8. Nibs, you belong to a certain class of rider that thrashes the whimpering shit out of any bike they own. Ducatis are well and good for the gentler rider, but I don't think you're the type to "shift by feel."

    Get something bulletproof.
  9. The L-twins are pretty bulletproof, as long as the belts and valves are serviced. I've been known to give mine a thrashing on occassion, though perhaps not every day, and it is only the Ohlins suspension letting me down.

    Is the Dark the lower spec version, like the Multistrada 620 Dark was? By lower spec, I mean cheaper fittings, not engine spec.
  10. I dunno Rod... I can't overtake Nibs in the tight stuff when he's riding his VTR250. He really canes the thing. I just can't see a Duc' lasting.

    As far as I'm aware, yes the Dark is the lowest spec model.
  11. yeah the dark is the lower spec, non adjustable fork, blah blah.
    DTwo was kind enough to PM me regarding an SV1000, i'm trying to get hold of the seller now, it looks like an option :D

    the monster is getting inspected this arvo at metro, and i'll take it for a test ride. really not liking this guy's lack of service records since he owned it from new, unless i get an awesome price i think i'll be giving it a miss.

    Loz i'd like to say once i upgrade i wont need to thrash my bike as i get from A to B, having more power and torque and everything else.

    but i can't :demon:
  12. the sv thou is a way under rated motorcycle and mine seems to go alright ;)
  13. The non-adjustable suspension won't bother you, you're about the right size for these things anyway.

    SVs are good fun, especially the naked version. They're not immune to flagellation though, Cheffie's feels like it's about to fall to bits after just a couple years of proper caning. As does my ZX9, which cops far gentler treatment than Cheffie's bike, but still probably up in the thrashing category.

    And to be fair to Ducatis, Rod's had his for years, Scumbag has put more than 100,000km on his ST3, and Lil got more than 100K out of her 900SS before it got pinched. Bangr walloped the bejesus out of his 996SPS, but then that ended up with some severe engine issues... I dunno, maybe reliability isn't a huge problem if you keep it well serviced. Expensive, but.
  14. to be fair scummy had major work done to his, and well lil's was errrr yeah ;)

    oh as for cheffies bike, it was eeerrrrr well ran in by it's previous owner.....it may of been kept like a show pony, but it certainly wasn't ridden like one :bolt:
  15. hahaha. SV is sold.
    2003, 64k km, $5k.
    fairly kitted out already:

    not surprising it didnt last long!
  16. Lack of service record for the Munster is worthy of caution. It's an unknown that could count for a lot.

    I'm leaning towards the "Keep Looking" side of thing now.
  17. That SV did look promising apart from the kms, with the stuff done and the relatively low price, it may well have been worthwhile though.

    There are plenty of sv650s and a few sv1000s out there, both will do what the monster does....less unique though, i wouldn't be surprised if the 650 was almost as quick as a monster 900. If you are crazy and rich you could throw a $1000 at promecha and you can have an SV handle as well as you want :)
  18. What is immune to flagellation though?......especially "i can get a vtr250 to tankslap me off the road, nibor " style flagellation.....

    cb900f?....that could be a good option, they are cheap can be had with low kms and can handle well with the right tyres and enough determination....I guess that would be considered boring though
  19. /end thread.

    made an offer, accepted then passed up as another guy offered him more the next day.
    happy to keep looking, wait for the right one when it arrives :]
    think i'd prefer to pay outright too, not have to borrow/redraw anything, so looks like a good christmas pressy is lined up :D
  20. Well will you at least stop crashing them then? =;