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2001 DR-Z400E or 2009 DR-Z400S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Riggler, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. I'm always chopping and changing my mind on which bike I want for my first. I've heard that DR-Z400 will most likely be the best LAMS dual sport bike with limited bike knowledge (bulletproof). For the winter months it will almost be 100% commuting, but when school is out I'll be doing a fair bit of trail, more scenery and adventuring than dirt busting.

    I'm looking at an 01 DR-Z400E vs an 09 DR-Z400S - Both similar in pricing, the 01 model has had a few upgrades to it to make it suitable for adventure touring. I know these bikes have had minimal changes over the years but would like to know if there is any major differences that will swing my decision.

    Also please share your thoughts on alternatives, experiences or just share some knowledge with myself and the fellow netriders!
    P.S - I love that Insurance asks what club your in and dropdown box has Netriders :meh:
  2. I don't know either bike well, but are these particular bikes you're looking at roughly the same price? Because that's an 8 year difference between them and if price is the same, then I'd go with the '09 any time. The 2001 is already 14 yrs old and in theory should have many more km on the clock as well.

    If price is vastly different, then its another story, boils down to what suits you best and which price point you prefer.
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  3. The E is a far more popular bike, as it puts out more power. The S has the benefit of being a two seater when the E is not. My advice however would be the same as Chillibutton, 2001 is getting old. The differences between 2001 and 2015 on the E are relatively minimal but a 14 Year old Dirt bike is something to be very cautious of.