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2001 Cbr929rr project.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by owen-cbr929rr, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Hi

    I picked up this Cbr929rr in late December as a Christmas present to myself as i was finally keen to get back on a road bike after many years without one. I do a lot of trail riding on my trusty ktm 300, but a friend of mine finally decided to get a licence and a road bike so it was game on.

    I later found this exact bike on here for sale quoting some dramas with the gearboxhttps://netrider.net.au/threads/honda-cbr929rr-4500.144273/#post-2540096

    Here it is as i picked it up... paid $2100 for it IMG_2314_zps18ec6284.

    Got it home and got to work fixing what i thought was wrong with it at this time, Headlight had desoldered itself in the handle bar switch and the front left indicator was busted up. After getting these two done i was able to take it for a test ride and discover it has gearbox problems. It slips out of second as soon as you load it up, and generally shifts like a dog also often missing second and ending up in neutral feels sloppy and not right at all.

    Here is where my luck starts i find a complete gearset that has had all the dogs undercut (machined) in the usa for aud$550 delivered. someone race prepped it and never went through with the build. IMG_2371_zps46d26080.
    So while i wait for it to come from the states i get started pulling the motor out.
    Anyone who has done this knows that the entire rear swing arm is attached to the motor and this is what you end up with after many hours pulling things apart. If your ever going to attempt this i highly recommend this ladder setup. it was rock solid.

    Here is the motor with the cases split. IMG_2465_zps9b2810b3.
    The dogs between 2nd and 6th are well worn and the shift drum also has a nick in it where it sits to hold second in gear, i also found the shift arm wheel had a lot of wear in it and was lucky that a mint one had arrived as part of the kit from the usa.

    So after a few weeks on the bench and alot of cleaning and new seals and orings main bearing bolts and gearbox replacement here is the finished motor.

    The clutch discs were almost new but the rest of the assembly was well worn particularly the spring seat area of the inner basket. I got a new outer basket and small parts early on thinking it may be the cause of a loud rattle at idle with the clutch engaged but i now think it was the springs rattling in the inner basket as they were under size and were replaced. Here is the fresh clutch assembly. IMG_2631_zps23b1c12c.

    So this pretty much finishes up the build process i had a bit of trouble sorting out an oil leak from the stator side of the motor but have now fixed all the small problems and have a smooth shifting beast, it never misses the 1st to 2nd shift anymore and second is now rock solid. I also fitted set of sprockets and a new did chain bled all the brakes and a staintune muffler i picked up off ebay, replaced the monstrous cbr indicators with dirtbike ones and repaired some fairing damage with putty and touchup paints. Next its off to get a roady and then rego.
    Overall its been a challenge but i enjoy fixing things so for me its been enjoyable and the end result is pretty damn good. There are still things i want to tidy up but at this stage its ready for some mountain passes and possibly some track days in the not to distant future.

    Thanks for reading

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  2. Awesome write-up! I have that exact same ladder to!

    For me at least working on the bike is as much fun as riding it, and at least now you know everything is is as it should be with the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

    As i was reading I was thinking "I wonder how he went with oil leaks after reassembly" glad it was easily sorted., it would would have been a total shit to have put it back in the frame to find you had to pull it back out again.
  3. Good work mate, well out of my league!
  4. Mate

    Nuff said.
  5. Looks awesome. I really want to get one of the old 893cc CBR900RR's. I imagine id be undertaking a project of similar magnitude. Great job!
  6. Nice work. Nothing erodes your confidence like a bike jumping out of gear. Well done, and a good score on the cluster. I'd like to grab an early one of these when they become club-plate eligible. The next wave of classic bikes I reckon.
  7. Great stuff!
    did you take any pics of the worn dogs on 2nd?
  8. Yes the thought certainly entered my mind but was really the last thing i wanted to do, this leak had me rolling around on my back for hours trying to determine the source. In the end it turned out to be a hairline crack in the engine case behind the stator cover from a drop it has suffered at some point in its life. Rather than strip the entire thing again and have it welded, i opted to bandaid it with jb weld. Not the best option but it saved me a whole lot of time and patience. So far so good no drips at all.

    Yeah mate do it, If i had more space and a decent workshop i hate to think how many bikes i would like to fix up. I did look at an early 90's 900's before i nabbed this one. A workmate of mine who rides a 954 convinced me to hold out for a later model and i am glad i did, not to say that i wouldn't have loved the early beast either.

    You could be right, its kind of hard to find a good unmolested one for a decent price already though. Whats the age rule for moto club reg though?

    Ill get some closeups of the wear tonight and put them up asap
  9. Yeah, that's the challenge. These bikes were the choice of first-generation 'stunters' and consequently have suffered accordingly. There must be some survivors out there somewhere?

    Club rego is 25+ years, so we're getting close ;-)
  10. Here is a few pics of the damaged dogs... Their not pretty. IMG_2683_renamed_28160_zps3cf0q4ff.
    I believe it was a combination of worn parts causing the slip out of gear. Between these dogs the shift drum groove wear and the shift star loading arm wheel damage/play (around 1 to 1.5mm) you can see why it was popping out.
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  11. Heres a quick update

    The bike has plates and is fantastic to ride now. No gear dropouts heaps of usable midrange power and plenty of top end. I have had a few decent rides including a trip up into the dandenongs (the day i got reg) where i hit up the black spur and then from healsville to whittlesea and back through kinglake and the st andrews drop in.

    After this initial shakedown it was clear to me that i hated the Rizoma alloy grips it had on it from a functionality perspective. The things were smaller(undercut) and had no grip materiel in the thumb/forefinger area forcing me to use outer part of my hand to do most of the throttle movements which was horrible.

    i found an original throttle tube from ace motorcycle wreckers and fit some progrips and am very happy with the result.

    At Easter i took it to anglesea and easter sunday (early) went to apollo bay and back along the great ocean road. This has been on my moto bucket list for years and i am stoked with the way the 929 got it done.

    The only mods id like to make to it now are to find a cut up rear fender and clean up the tail with a competition werks eliminator kit i got from the us for a bargain. Not keen on chopping my original one incase the law ever decide to make my life difficult. Then lastly i have a new set of springs for the front end to suit my weight from racetech. So a trip to krooztune is on the cards in the near future.