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2001 CB250 on eBay - Any Alarm Bells?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. G'day All

    Shh, don't tell the Mrs, I want it to be a surprise. ;)

    She's had her Ls for a while but I haven't been able to afford to get a bike for her to learn on. This one popped up on eBay the other day:


    Read the ad and rang the owner, who claims it's not smoking and not burning oil, no nasty noises in the engine. It's a bit far away to head up and look at before buying, but the price is right assuming it doesn't get bid up too far.

    Nothing fancy, but it'll be cheap to buy, run, register and won't matter that much if she drops it. Should be cheap and easy to work on too.

    Any alarm bells I'm not spotting?

    PS And don't bloody buy it out from under me or I'll... cry.
  2. has probably been droped given the aftermarket exhaust, new brake levers and pegs and presumabley it was pretty tatty before the respray but the polished engine casing suggests somebody has spent time on it. Certainly more work than most would do on a CB250

    Be worth checking for rust in the pertrol tank or leaks and the mileage is high for a 250 but for less than a grand.....
  3. Apparently the guy selling it does some spray-painting and has the gear, and the tidy up was more as a present for his wife than to repair damage. Thanks, and will look for those things.
  4. Apart from the fact that it's a Honda (well, this is me making the comment :wink:) it looks like a good deal. I'd agree with pmcdermo about its likely history, but what 9 year old learner bike hasn't been dropped? As for likely previous tattiness, that may well be the case. The factory finish on these wasn't fantastic. I vividly remember watching a couple in the UK dissolve cosmetically in a matter of months.

    However, they're economical, comfortable and easy to ride, if not terribly exciting. The engine seems to be an evolution of Honda's little 175/185/200 cc twins which were actually pretty good, having been designed by engineers rather than the daft acronyms division of the sales department. I'd only raise a couple of points. Being a development of an old design, the engine doesn't have a proper oil filter, just a screen to take out the logs and blocks, and (IIRC) a centrifugal arrangement for the smaller stuff. Noone ever cleans the solidified crap out of the centrifugal bit so it becomes ineffective, making frequent oil changes absolutely critical to engine life. The other point relates to the polishing of the cases and painting of the barrels. Although I've no doubt it looks nice, a polished finish doesn't shed heat as well as a matte/satin one so cooling is reduced. Similarly, if the head and barrel fins have been painted, even if they're black, the paint will act as an insulator. It's probably not a problem, particularly if the bike is not thrashed, but it might be worth considering scraping it all off.

    If you can get it for less than, say, $1250, I'd say you'd be getting a bargain.
  5. Thanks very much, Pat, that makes a lot of sense. Guess we'll see what happens invtge auction tomorrow.
  6. cb250's are pretty bulletproof.
  7. Does look great in the blue, though. Even IF it has problems, parts are cheap for those.
  8. Buggrit - I was ready to go to a grand (or a little over to avoid round-number traps). Not because I don't think it's worth more than that but because that's all I can afford to spend right now.

    It's already well over that with an hour of the auction to go, so bye bye to that particular machine.

    Thanks all for your info, and I'll keep looking. It's probably not really realistic to think about getting her started for this money, so we'll keep saving too.
  9. Ended up going for $1900... bit rich for my blood, and IMO bit high for that bike in that nick with those kms.
  10. Bloody hell. eBay stalking is a bit of a hobby of mine, even though as a student I have NO scope for a second bike, no matter how shit, it's always fun to window shop.

    That's a huge price for that bike, there's a ton of bikes around for a cheeky grand all the time.
  11. That's a lot for a 9yo CB250 with non-standard bits. In the Eastern States I'd expect a good, lowish-mileage standard bike for that kind of money.

    Bit of Ebaymania methinks.
  12. 'Tis always the way with a captive market. I remember in the UK under the 125 learner laws, you could get a very nice air cooled middleweight four, or even a litrebike for less than the market often demanded for an utterly shagged DT/RD/CG125. Bloody ridiculous but a fact of life.