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2001 Cagiva Raptor (650)... Comments please!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Lectre, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Hey all.
    A mate of mine is thinking of buying a raptor.. looks like a good price for it. Has anyone owned one of these before? Any stories or thoughts on it would be much appreciated :)

  2. They sell cheap cause nobody here knows much about them, very low volume seller, but shares Suzi SV650 engine :cool:

    If he planned to keep it for a long time and run it into the ground, be a good choice, but if looking for a short term bike, unless it is ridiculously cheap - I'd look at something else

  3. Early models did, but fairly sure Cagiva switched to sourcing engines from Hyosung at some point (coinciding with the demise of the 1000cc version). Definitely a distinctive looking bike, especially the v-raptor, but I'm sure like all things Italian there's probably a ridiculously long wait and/or profit margin on many spare parts. If your mate really likes it or wants something different then there's a lot worse options out there, but if they're just after something cheap/simple to ride probably better off with an SV or Hyosung.
  4. They never did switch to Hyosung there was a rumour but who in there right mind would do that.
  5. +1

    Raptor 650 = proven SV donk + better looking (but rust-prone) frame + good brakes + slightly better suspension (when comparing to poo suspension on SV; still poo nonetheless)

    Getting parts can take forever.
  6. It would want to be half the price of an SV otherwise, why bother ?

    The SV has a huge (justifiably so) following and good resale. Parts, servicing and resale are all considerations of anyone on a budget.

    IF cost and the above considerations are not a concern, then the sky's the limit.....but a Cagiva would still be very very low on my list.
  7. I own one - it's a great bike for me.
    I added a bikini fairing (after market ducati monster one) to help reduce buffering, stain tunes - needs pipes like all bikes do (sound so good being a vtwin - it's a safety feature, so everyone knows you're there :grin: ), and I softened the front suspension ('cause I'm a light weight) and think I need to adjust rear. It can be a little jumpy on badly kept roads where there are lots of little bumps everywhere - but maybe most bikes would be jumpy there too or it could be 'cause of my size (???) - but I trust that it will stay upright. I've only had one tank slap on a corner that had truck ruts - I stayed upright - just a bit shaken - just came in too hard for the road surface - they have now fixed that part of the road (just gives you an indication of how bad that bit of road was).
    The only other thing is that the mirrors and handle bars are not in a great spot for lane spliting - you need to be more careful dodging the car mirrors.
    It's harder to get aftermarket parts - you just need to do a lot of research - I've been lucky - found the bikini fairing and pipes on ebay at bargain $s. But that's 'cause it's a unique ride - you wont see many around like those other jap/duc rides.
    I love it, it has the looks, style, sound and it handles well. I'm very happy with my bike.
  8. you forgot hte best bit 'kombi'...

    you look awesome as on that bike! sure it looks great too, but when i follow ya.... :cool: