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2001 Aprilia RS250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GOOSH, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. hey guys, just want to get your opinions on the aprilia rs 250. looking at getting one so that i dont get another fine for riding my kawasaki 750.
    i found a 2001 rs 250 for $6000 and only 5000km on the clock. sound any good.

  2. Sounds dodge to me.

  3. :LOL: How much longer before your allowed to ride the 750?

    I had a mate who had one... when it was running well it was an awesome bike but he seemed to have alot of problems with it.

    Im not really up to date with the prices they go for though sorry...
  4. Sounds too good. If it's genuine and in decent condition it should be selling for about $9,000.

    Has it been seriously dropped and if not why is it so cheap? If there is nothing wrong with it I would expect a dealer to buy it in about two seconds at that price.

    Also look for signs of being used on a track. If it's got perfect fairings be suspicious and look for drilled nuts. You probably can't see most of them without removing fairings. The only one on mine that is obvious without removing anything is on a cap on the right side a bit up from where your knee would sit.

    You can turn an ex-track bike into a good road bike but it will cost you thousands - trust me on that :wink:
  5. 5,000k's in 5 years = 1000k's a year.
    1000k's = A few hundred laps around a track.
    A few hundred laps a year = Very doable.

    It's too cheap and has too few k's to be a much loved road bike. At least the seller is seemingly honest by pricing it so low.

  6. yer nah , the guy said he's used it as a track bike. and its ready to go as a road bike, is there anything wrong with buying a track bike. if not, what's a good 250 around $6000
  7. i got until february next year, isn't too long but my brother is getting his licence in the next month so he will ride it once i jump back up to the 750
  8. It's a hard hard life for a little bike...

    Look for a CBR250RR if you intend to do a fair bit of riding. The RS is a fecking brilliant bike for going 10/10ths on, but I'd hate to have to ride it to work every day. I have a CBR and think it's a great compromise.

  9. Go for it Goosh, they got a RGV donk in them, pretty reliable, fairly cheap to rebuild.
  10. i'm not planning to ride it everyday, just on the weekends, so it doesnt fuss me alot, i like the cbr250rr but dont wont to get the really old ones
  11. hey guys, changed my mind, looking at hyosung gt250r. gonna test one today at 4. this bike has got the looks and it seems to be better value for money than buying a cbr250rr. bye
  12. Better value until you need to sell it...

    Since your little brother going to ride it I guess it wouldn't be your problem. :p