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2000 Virago 250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by YamahaWoman, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. This will hopefully be coming home next Saturday :woot:


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  2. wooo hooo well done Tahlia1989, next thing we'll hear is you riding down for a sat morn prac session lol
    congrats and practise :) alot!!
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  3. Congrats T :dance: - i bet it will be the longest week ever...
  4. Yeah, I reckon time will drag, but I'm going to the zoo for a friend's birthday tomorrow so that should help take my mind off it for a while. Don't know what I'll do for the next few days after that though. I have to ring the seller on Tuesday to see what's happening so hopefully he'll have some good news for me. I really like this little beast :D
  5. congrats mate, the little viagra's have helped a lot of folk on their way to being riders.
  6. so did the virago's lol
  7. That's the same as mine except for the colour & mine has a pillon seat not the single seat.

    Great taste Tahlia.
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  8. Congrats Tahlia =D>

    My first bike was a 98 virago , same color as yours .. cute little thing she was too ..

    I have a pillion seat from mine for sale .. it's a buttoned one though :(
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  9. I get the pillion seat for this as well, the current owner just liked to ride without it. I'm going to go insane waiting for the day it comes home haha.
  10. d'you get a screen with it as well? On freeway's that will help keep the bugs out of your teeth lol
  11. Congratulations! My first bike was a Virago 250, such a great bike!!!! Enjoy, and I expect you will be counting down the days/hours/minutes/seconds til next Saturday!
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  12. Soooooo.... didja get it? -fingers are crossed for you!-
  13. No screen but I have a full face helmet so that should do the trick :)

    Hopefully next Saturday... wish it was this one.
  14. patience grasshopper, patience lol
  15. But I want it now :(
  16. My little beast is coming home tonight!!! :dance: I'm glad I don't have to wait until the weekend, this has been the slowest week in my life, and since my bike won't be here until around 6:30-7:00 tonight I think this will likely be the slowest day of my life. Pics will be coming... :woot:
  17. Congrats Tahlia. Nice looking bike. I've had the V-Star 650 since April last year and these Yamaha's are awesome bikes.
  18. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new baby. I love Viragos, have owned 3!
  19. I quite like the 650s, nice choice! I've heard lots of good things about Yamahas so I'm very excited. The bike has just had a new front tyre put on it as well as a new rear brake cable. A few months ago it had a new rear tyre put on it during the service. It's in really good nick, it's been well cared for. Now to learn bike maintenance... :)
  20. Just had a call Tahlia, bike wont be coming till the weekend :(

    am kidding lol I am sure you'll be shining it, and riding around sooner :)