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$2000 to spend on first-rider leathers, etc. need your help

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. as some of you were aware, i was planning on buying a car with the $2000 i've saved this month.
    but that car was a once in a lifetime bargin, and it's been sold.

    and i've got a habit of slowly but surely dipping into my money until it's all gone and i wonder where it went.

    there for, i need another 'money holder' idea.

    i figured, i want 7k for a bike and leathers, i've got 2k.. why not start now? i don't need to buy it all at once.

    so, what can i buy for $2000 should i start with a jacket and helmet? or boots and jacket? or helmet and boots? or textile jacket boots and gloves?

    i need to know what the best thing to buy is, and what exact product would best suit me.

    now, looks are a fairly big consern for me, i need to look fancy and snaz :p

    but if it's safety vs fasion, safety wins hands down.

    i'm 6 foot, fairly skinny, lanky legs.
    size 12 feet.

    what should i be buying? any suggestions?

    any shops you can recommend which will be more concerned for my safety and getting it to fit perfect, rather than making a quick buck from a newb rider?

    i also wouldn't mind buying some draggin jeans (or similar), jeans are my life. and if they're safe enough to ride with, i'd love em :D
    would you suggest riding jeans, whats the scale like on fasion/protectiveness.

    too many questions, i'm really lost. give me a heads up will ya :D
  2. www.rmgear.com.au

    you'll be able to spend PLENTY on the helmet if you dont buy your leathers from a shop. def the way to go IMO.

    $2k might even kit you up with full summer and winter gear plus a decent helmet :wink:
  3. Well you will gets lots of opinions so heres mine.

    I wear Draggins but will be getting a pair of leather pants shortly. Will keep on wearing Draggins for running to the shop or short runs. Leather for highway speeds.

    So I decided first on Draggins first.

    Then I looked for a helmet, initially budgeted $300 but spent $550 as it was the only style that really fitted.

    Then a jacket, AlpineStars Stunt Jacket on special, very cool. Of course matches the helmet. Had a red and black thing happening.

    Then looked at boots and wanted waterproof, so A* gortex again on special.

    Then gloves A* red and black.

    So in my opinion i looked for the most expensive items earlier. Then built the look around them!
  4. 2 grand is a good amount of $$$ for a newbie. You should be able to it yourself out pretty well.
  5. i can spend more than 2k if need be, just means i put off buying my bike for a while, sall good :D

    the thing is, i need black/white/grey themes as i don't know what colour my bike will be lol
    i don't want to be wearing all blue and be on a yellow bike :p
  6. blue and yellow are the best matching colours you can get! :shock:

    if you have a problem slowing burning away savings (don't we all) think about setting up an ING (or similar) savings account. that way your $$$ are in a seperate account that is not easily accessed when you're drunk on a saturday night and your ATM card is in your hand.

    i'm currently on about $300-350 income a week, and am dumping $200 in the ING account every payday (friday) takes a bit of commitment but it'll be worth it :)

    re. gear i'd go find your size in a store and then order it from flyin brians deal ebay store or similar, though the aussie dollar is rank atm.

    re. yellow and blue, i rest my case:
    [img:800:600:e39666ac9c]http://photos.motorcycle-usa.com/ACF5AF.jpg[/img:e39666ac9c] :wink:

  7. Do you live with your parents, or under a bridge?
  8. I think the first option
  9. under a bridge, however i'm thinking of finding a cardboard box in an underground carpark as the weather starts to get cooler. i will miss the income though from pretending to be a troll and having travellers drop coins down to me for their right to safe passage.
  10. Or gets paid once a fortnight or once a month, both of which means the savings is fine.
  11. i'm paid weekly actually so 70% of my wage goes into savings. after gym membership, mobile phone, fuel etc there isn't much left for beer. such is my commitment level for a shiney new toy later this year :biker:
  12. here here, shiny toys. woo
    back on topic :p

    hows this sound?

    A* Stunt jacket - 899.95
    Shark RSR Summum Helmet - 499.95 with free Iridium visor
    Draggin Jeans Sports Jeans For Men - 229.95
    A* GPS-3 Boots 299.95
    A* SP-2 Gloves 139.95

    all up, $2069.75

    obviously the helmet might not be best suited to me, so i'll try that one on because it looks cool, if it's the wrong shape, i'll try on some others and find one which fits me best.

    and i reckon i can get cheaper prices elsewhere, but that was just to give me a ballpark figure of what i can afford, and which ones i want.

    what do you think?
  13. sounds good to me but as you said you should be able to get them cheaper. i have the gps boots and they're not bad, i tried on a shark helmet a few months ago and it weighed about 12 kilograms, see how you go with that one.
  14. i think your wasting your money on the A* gear, but meh, thats your blingo to waste :wink:

    $900 on a jacket? :shock: fark me you can have change from a SUIT for that :LOL:

    and dont window shop the helmet either, pick the one that fits. you wont know whats right till you try it on...
  15. cheers coconut - what jacket would you suggest?
  16. Hi got my stunt for $649, last years model still pretty cool.

    Alpinestars stunt jacket
    AGV GP PRO helmet
    Alpinestars GPS3 boots
    Draggin black cargoes
    Alpinestar SP2 gloves

    Got the lot for $1800 saved $150 on jacket and $100 on boots and then a further 10%.

    So nearly the same of your list, the AGV is normally $559

    Look out for last years models of jackets and helmets all they normally change is the graphics.
  17. If you are willing to shop on the internet, then consider:


    There have been numerous good reports on here by people who have ordered through him. He also carries some very nice stuff that isn't always easy to get in Australia (e.g. the Joe Rocket corona jackets and the icon skull jackets.)

    Even with postage on top, you can save a heap compared to buying here, and will definitely look the business...


  18. honestly, whatever takes your fancy. your going leather so i dont think you can go too far wrong protection wise. really, if your happy to spend $900 on a jacket, thats your call. IMO thats pretty crap value for money, but i've never been able to spend in the higher brackets so my opinion might be a little biased there.

    if you DO wanna save a few bucks, and still like the A* styles, craig has some dyno and stunt replicas at the moment that are worth a look.

    most important is the helmet tho, forget about everything else till you've tried a few on. price, features, styles, colours are all less important than the fit so start with that and work down your list of importance.
  19. yup, me and a mate who rides are going into the city next tuesday (if work doesn't call me, which i suspect they will) to try on a whole range of shit, and see which best suits my body.
    if i see something on special, i might buy it there. otherwise i'll take my measurements down, figure out which helmet fits best, then come back to the net to buy it all

    thanks for your advice fellas :D