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NSW 2000 Suzuki GSXR 600

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by SydneyGixxer, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Hey all,
    Did not think my first post here would be about my bike being stolen from some asshole.
    My loved 00/01 Suzuki gsxr600 was stolen Friday 30th of Sept from Matraville buy a guy in a 2 door white ute with a trailer at about 3am to 5am.
    This bike is my transport to work and my get around.
    Any help in the return of my bike would be greatly appreciated :)

    I have posted pics of the thief but image is not so good.
    Please contact me or Eastern suburbs police "Maroubra"


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  2. Mate that sucks.
    Have you got those pics out on facebook yet? It's worked for a few people. Fcuking scum. Fingers crossed for you.

    Welcome to NR - shame about the circumstances for your first post.
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  3. Thank you for your comment I don't have Facebook only instagram but please feel free to share as much as you can on any social as I hope this scum has what's coming for him.
    Thank you for the Welcome :)
  4. When you say "stolen from some asshole" do you mean that you're an asshole and your bike was stolen?
  5. Haha sorry mate. That farken sucks.
  6. I clocked that too....... but decided to refrain from putting OP through further misery :)
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  7. Hahahahha I might be a asshole ;)
    AT least ya made me laugh cheers mate
  8. Best of luck mate. I can't provide the return of a bike but I'm good for a laugh here and there ;-)
  9. You did well mate you did well ;)
    As much as I want my bike back I have a feeling I won't see her again :(
  10. Tine for an upgrade I spose. U got comprehensive?
  11. You know what was not covered.
    I am very upset with myself for not doing it but if the bike never turns up upgrade forsure and full comprehensive
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  12. Sorry for your loss, but, really, the first outgoing on any decent motorcycle MUST be insurance. I hope you get it back and can remediate any damage the scum might have inflicted on it...
  13. Yeah what a bummer. I saved a pretty penny for the mint firestorm I got last year, and even though they've been in heaps of crashes and the insurance price definitely reflects those statistics, I considered it an absolutely necessary expense. I still haven't bought aftermarket pipes because the insurance is so expensive (I know it's a sin for a firestorm), but it's comprehensively insured so if anything happens at least I know I'm covered...
  14. Thanks mate it's a 100% must but I was being a cheap ass and thought pfft would never happen to me :(
    Fingers crossed it will show up soon :)
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  15. That's it mate it's a huge piece of mind to know if anything does happen you are covered.
    I got given more CCTV footage and have pics of the guys ute and trailer.

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