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2000 suzuki gsf250v

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dags260, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Gday all, sold my 98 fzx, was going to buy a duc monster but the lovely wife put an end to that. i know the honda vtr is arguably the best naked on the market as far as 250s go but i havent heard too much about the gsf250v. anyone got any advice or comments?? all is appreciated muchly

  2. Have you considered putting an end to the lovely wife? :p

    Apart from it having to many cylinders and them pointing in the wrong direction it's supposed to be a very good bike from everything I've heard.

    I think all domestic sales (and some imports) have variable valve timing and they produce about 40ps at ~15,000 rpm so they're pretty revvy for a naked. Engine is GSX250R based from memory.
  3. seconded :LOL:

    bloody twin riders, cant recognise a decent bike when they see it, but then, i guess the vibrations cant do wonders for your eyesight :p you need a little more than 250cc for there to be any advantage in a twin :wink:

    the bandit Vs are great bikes, thats what i had as a 250 :D but i doubt you'd really find anything but subtle differences between that and your old bike the Zeal. if your looking for an upgrade, it'd have to be a 2 stroke or a big bore, you wont find anything much better in a 4 stroke 250

    why is the duke a no go, restricted still or cost? because you can pick up a MUCH better bike than any of these 250s for the same money if your unrestricted. my old 96 YZF600R cost me the same as my 95 bandit 250 did and my 99 ZX7R was only another $500 over that. 250s are overpriced, dont get another one if you have a choice :D
  4. duc is out cause my missus wants curtains......man im a pussy! should be putting my foot down hey. im not restricted but my bro is on his Ls and i was gonna lend it on a you f___ it you fix it deal so he can practice. Plus im a fan of being naked.
  5. *cough* pussywhipped *splutter* *cough*

    If the choice is between a Ducati and curtains you STEAL THE FREAKING CURTAINS! :LOL: :p
  6. duke or curtains.... thats a no brainer :roll:


    i've seen monsters as low as $5k before, SVs can be had below that if you look hard enuff and i'm sure the hyosung comet wouldn't be much more either. also look at something like a bandit 400 or XJR 400 if your on more of a budget.

    if its the budget thats the problem, then you can get a much better bike for the same sorta price in a larger bike than a 250. the above bikes would all be an option, you could even have a shot at doing a streetfighter which opens the options RIGHT up :D
  7. I have a gsf250v.
    The pre '95 has the GJ74A engine which was very similar to the GSX250 (across). Post '95 suzuki developed the GJ77A (has red cam. cover) for the Bandit. The GJ77A has much better mid range than the earlier model and has some variable timing option as well. Stay away from the GJ74 engine...

    Pretty econ. - avg around 300km (full -> start of res.).
    Has a low seat height - 765mm.

    Havent had any problems mechanically with it so far. Pretty much like most bikes if you look after it you will be fine.

  8. I had a 2000 gsf250v, great bike as twoup has said (dont freak out at the ZZZZ noise when u hit about 9-9.5k on the tacho, thats the variable valves) Cant say i ever got 300km out of it tho, 180km till reserve was my norm, used more petrol than my mates gsxr750 on the highway (put that down to how high they are revving at 100)
  9. Sup guys,
    I have a 93 GSF250 Bandit and it has the Ghassie Number of GJ74A.

    I'm assumeing that this isn't the same as the GJ74.

    If it is, whats wrong with them? My bike goes like a dream. Pretty nice power range.

    What have you heard about them?

  10. If you're in a state where LAMS applies then I'd go for the Hoysung 650 which is LAMS approved, then once your brother gets off the restriction you can get the dealer to apply the factory mod which opens the bike up for non-restricted use. The price of these units is pretty good and from what I've seen of the bike it's a hell of a lot like the baby bandit.
    My L bike was the baby too, and I still have it, but it's in Vic and BTW is up for sale to a good home 2000 model. I now ride a ZR-7 which is about equivalent to the de-restricted Hoysung in power etc. Best fuel I got on the baby was 260k at reserve, after I had the cogs changed to bring the torque band in lower down, this dropped the top speed by 10-15k but made for easier road use and still getting 230k.
    The grey market jobs peak at around 180kph, the genuines at 170kph, best I got after the cog change was 160kph with a strong tailwind. I think the rev limiter is set higher on the greys, that said it's a more than adequate bike for road use as long as you don't mind the high revving engine. With the pilot sports on and the low weight it is an absolute ball in the twisties and manouverable as hell in traffic.
    Cheers, Ian.
  11. The GJ74A engine originally used on the bandit was derived from the 250 GSXR of the late eighties so nothing wrong with them (Basically the same as the GJ76A used in the Katana). Later models had the GJ77A engine with variable exhaust timing which only kicked in above 10,000rpm, but which doesn't really appear to make much difference (mate of mine has a late model bandit). Not sure if the Across motor is indeed the same since it's sump capacity is different to all the other 250 Suzuki 4 cylinders (have also heard that internal components are also different but don't know for certain).
  12. I never had any problems with my early Bandit 250, great every day bike. How about a 400 Bandit? Most that are around have the later VVT engine and are the same price as the 250.

    An alternative is the Honda CB400. Many late models are avilable for fair prices ($4k-$5k). Good allround package of power, economy (YEAH, they will use less fuel than the revvy Bandit!), ride position and usual Honda build quality.

    There are other alternatives to a 400cc bike, but they tend to be pricier and for your folding it'll be hard to fing a good example. As above, GT650 and SV650 are great bikes IMO, and a lot less trouble than a Monster...

    .....or you could settle for some nice curtains!! WTF?