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2000 Suzuki GSF250V Bandit

Discussion in 'Archived' started by dimi, Nov 14, 2010.

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  1. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys, up for sale is my first road bike, my trusty commuter the good 'ol Bandit. And when I say trusty I really mean it. The bikes basically a 400 with downsized pistons so the transmission etc is under-stressed as with the rest of the engine. Bike is really nice to ride around and very comfortable!

    The bike has had 1 drop in its lifetime by its first owner early on in its life. Its had 3 owners including me. I've included pictures of the scratches at the bottom from the drop and also a picture of a scratch one of the previous owners made (believe it or not) with a power tool... apparently he slipped while doing something (who knows what:-s) and scuffed the bike a bit.

    Bike has 42,513km.
    Rego till Jan 2011.
    Everything is Roadworthy except possibly the rear tyre as I believe its just hit the wear indicator down the middle (gotta love commuting...).

    I've looked after the bike as best as I could as it was my main transport to and from uni, kept it nice and clean also.

    Chain is reasonably new RK chain, only put about 2-3k on it, along with front and rear sprockets. Fitted Frame sliders when I first got the bike, also changed bar ends because it was hard to get the bike through the gate with the standard ones on.

    EDIT: TOTALLY FORGOT! Has upgraded/ fresh suspension. Front fork springs are stiffer and suited for a rider 75-80kg and rear shock has been recently re-built and re-gassed. Only between 1-2000km on the suspension!!

    Now for pics. (taken from iPhone as i couldnt find my camera)

    Price: Price Drop! $2800!!
    Contact No: 0433 941 646
    Location: Coburg 3058
    Rego: Currently Unregistered as of 7th Jan
    Vin No: JS1A6111100100090
    Engine No: J708114070
  2. Sorry to be off topic, but that's a beauty of a dog. What breed is she?
  3. Half Bull Mastiff and half Rhodesian Ridge-back :) the mother was just out of the pic, thats the daughter that you can see.
  4. Still for sale! Make some offers
  5. Nice.
    Good luck with the sale !
  6. Price drop $3300ono
  7. TOTALLY FORGOT! Has upgraded/ fresh suspension. Front fork springs are stiffer and suited for a rider 75-80kg and rear shock has been recently re-built and re-gassed. Only between 1-2000km on the suspension!!
  8. Dimi,
    That is an awesome bike and it's very obvious you've spared no TLC on it. Sounds like a steal at the price you're advertising, so folks these are the sort of deals everyone keeps missing out on - DON'T miss out on this one !
    Good luck with the sale mate (y)
  9. Get in quick if you are thinking bout buying this bike as there are a few keen buyers and it looks like it may be sold in a week or so...
  10. Sale fell through - Price drop $3000!
  11. How much rego is left?
  12. Rego just expiring now, so will organise to put 6months more on it, or I can drop the price and you can take it without rego as I would prefer to get rid of the bike than keep it around now, taking up space and moving house very soon.

    EDIT: Having second thoughts about putting extra rego on. Needs RWC to get transferred anyway so unless theres some sort of deal involved I am leaving the bike un-registered until sold.
  13. Bike is unregistered as of 7th of Jan, so as required by law im putting up a VIN number and also an engine number as I have that also on hand.

    Vin No: JS1A6111100100090
    Engine No: J708114070
  14. Price drop $2800
  15. Geez that's cheap for a bike of this fine calibre ???
    Mate, I'd buy it just for the sake of it if I had some spare casholas lying around !
    Good luck dude.
  16. That's a very good price for one of these, especially given how good a condition it's in. Would buy it myself were it not for the fact I can't fit any more bikes in the shed.

    I'm amazed it hasn't sold already. Must be too many noobs buying totally shagged CBFZXRs at overly inflated prices not realising that bikes like this are just as fast, but far more practical.
  17. Dammit, exactly the bike I want for the Mrs, great condition and great price, just not quite the right timing cashflow-wise. Well, and the fact that it's in Vic, but that could be surmounted.

    All the best with the sale, anyway: and whoever ends up with it is getting a bargain.
  18. Have till the 7th of April till requires a new plate etc (Full re-registration).

    This bike is DIRT CHEAP seriously guys, the mechanical condition its in is tip top and overall the bikes in great condition for its age not to mention I've been servicing it more than necessary just because that's the way I am with Motul 5100 oil. Was serviced every 2-3k so seriously short intervals.

  19. what a bargain for a gorgeous 250.
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Not open for further replies.