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2000 Suzuki GS500e?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by andredrei, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,
    Looking at buying my first bike.. My budget is about $3k. I know its not much but i don't want anything too expensive being my first bike but I would prefer something with a bit more power than a 250cc and something i can keep..

    So i am either after a Suzuki gs500e or a Honda cb400sf but obviously finding one under my price range is quite hard..

    I have found one though: 2000' model, Suzuki GS500e with 4000kms for $2700 & 12 months rego.

    Firstly what do you guys think of this bike in general? Would it make a good first bike? and is this a bargain?

    Your help would be much appreciated!

  2. Decent first bike cheap to run easy to work on. Did you mean to say 40000kms, from what i've read they typically need a rebuild between 50 and 70k. If it is 4000 that means it hasn't been ridden much and could be a pain in the arse. Nah keep looking, I got a slightly rough 07 model with 20000ks for $3k. You won't keep it, you won't keep anything learner approved
  3. Nah i did mean 4000kms not 40,000kms. Thats what the add says anyway. So you think stay away from a model that old?
  4. If its got 4000ks and it runs fine then happy days. I've never ruled out a bike due to too low K's.
  5. That's not a lot of kays over a long time. The price is good, I'd be interested in its usage history. Talk to the owner about this. Look over carefully. Signs of having been pranged (replacement speedo?), or use indicating wear beyond what one would expect. Are they the original tyres? If so, replace immediately. They would be well over the hill, not in wear maybe but the rubber would be hard enough to be hazardous. Immediately have it serviced - all fluids. that is, if the owner hasn't done both of these things prior to offering it for sale. It's a real good sign if the owner has the original tool kit and owners manual

    There are low kay bikes out there, good ones get ridden by careful owners who just don't ride as much as they would like, but they do get ridden every month or two or three The bad ones are the ones that got ridden initially, then parked and never ridden again, often skipping a scheduled service in the interval, then tidied up for sale at some point many years later, or even worse, pranged and let sit, then fixed up immediately prior to sale.

    A well maintained bike which is used regularly or even not so regularly, will maintain its condition better than one that has just been left, unless it has been prepared for storage. Low price? Maybe not so low considering the cost of tyres, if they need to be replaced and maybe a seal replacement or two due to its age. It's a fair price, and the bike is a good one. There is nothing inherently wrong with them, and they are large enough to "span the gap" in getting a larger bike should you want to later on.

    It's a good choice for a first bike. It has the potential to be a good, reliable ride for a number of years, has enough "legs" to go places on, and if maintained, (and they are not expensive to service or fix compared to some) may return nearly as much as you paid for it where the kays on it end up being in the 20k range and it has been well kept.
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  6. I have a 2013 GS500 and can pretty much guarantee (other than a few bibs and bobs) that they're the same bike. Same engine, carbs etc. The GS500's are renowned for their reliability. The Nihilil is pretty much spot on. Unless you're keeping the bike for a hand me down or nostaglia's sake, you won't be keeping it. If it's got 4,000k's on it and not 40,000k's it's a steal. I would be worried a 15 year old motorcycle only had that on it though. Speedo swap after a crash maybe?
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    Inspect the bike thoroughly, and walk away if it runs rough or looks as if it's been sitting around for too long. Those kms are too low, could be a speedo swap like others have said. Good luck.
  8. I wouldn't worry about the Ks to much.

    if you can afford to spend a hundred or so, have a pre purchase inspection done by a mechanic.

    If the owner is genuine and the bike too he/she wont mind.

    I did this 3 years ago when I purchased my 197 EL 250 advertised with 12000Ks.

    Best money I spent and I've still got the bike although its got 47000Ks on it now.

    Good Luck
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