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$2000 Spada

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cam77, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Hi guys.

    I am searching the market for my first bike. The person I have been speaking to about it (who works in the industry and I do have some trust in) has suggested a Spada, this was after me saying my budget is approx $2000.

    All of the ads I see for Spadas are $3000+ :?

    Is it realistic to expect that type of bike in my price range? Am I looking for a bike at the wrong time of the year maybe? :?

    All thoughts appreciated,
    Cam. :D
  2. You will find it very very difficult to get a spada for $2000.
  3. i picked mine up today twas 4k from a dealer def worth it though
  4. You won't get a good 250 for $2000. You might get a decently average one, though, something that's old and a bit ratty but runs well. 250s are expensive for what they are because of the restriction rules.

    You certainly won't get a good Spada or ZZR :)

    Chuck another $1500 on to that figure and you'll be alright. Probably.
  5. And for $1500 you could have bought mipearson's CB250 RS :)

    Yeah. Spadas from $3,500+, for anything decent, registered and roadworthy.

    But you can get a decent 250 for $2K, you just have to readjust your definitions of "decent". The Spada is a keeper, I still have mine, several other people I know kept theirs after stepping up to a bigger bike, or just didn't bother stepping up. You can certainly find something that will see you through your Ls for 2K. CB250s, GSX250s, VT250s, all doable for around 2K for a decent example, I'd have thought.

    But no, for $2K you won't get a bike that will be the envy of your friends the way a Spada would be.

  6. check out my garage... $1200 as is, reg, roadworthy (with some minor changes needed)...
    Can you see why when i have 2 1/2 spadas, i couldnt resist buying a third one?
  7. is that budget for the bike only?

    extra is needed for:




    $2 grand for a decent spada. nope. given the prices in the over-inflated 250 market you'd be getting a 'rat bike' for that kinda money.
  8. I got mine, which has some cracked paint on the tank but is otherwise awesome, privately for $2600. Save up for a bit longer and you should be able to pick one up, but as pointed out you need gear *first*.
  9. You won't get a spada for $2000, $3000+ is realistic. They are reliable and good bikes, so worth it.

    The 250 market is way overinflated. For $2000 you can get an old CB250 or similar with reg/roadworthy.

    You're actually looking in the good season, we've just had a couple of days of heavy rain, so people will be wanting to part with their bikes.

    If you want something fun with a bit of cred, since you're in NSW you can get something larger than a 250, prices for larger bikes are a bit more realistic. My bike cost <$2000 and is pretty typical of what you can pick up for that sort of money. An XJ650, Z650 or anything mid-size with the letters CB or GS in the title is a good buy.

    The spada is a great option, if you can wait save the money.