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2000 R6 vs 2008 Hyosung

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Edstar, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Hi netriders

    I am buying a new bike and have narrowed it down to 2 bikes and was hoping I could get an opinion from people who know more than I do. I am looking at a 2000 Yamaha R6 that has done 40 000kms and is in fairly good condition and a 2008 Hyosung GT650R and has only done 8 000kms. I am thinking of going for the Hyosung as I personally think it looks better, has less kms and is about 250 dollars cheaper. However I dont know a lot about the performance and durability of the Hyosung and was just wondering if I am making a big mistake. Can anyone fill me in ASAP please.

  2. gt650 is a heavy v-twin, r6 is a sportier inline 4, i'd get the r6
  3. are you a learner? if not and there's a $250 difference get the r6
  4. Having owned a Hyo but not owned an R6 my opinion may be bias, but here goes.

    Hyosung in recent years have got a lot better. Early on the build quality was atrocious, but many of these problems have now been fixed. This mainly got better when the EFI model came in (Was 2007 or 2008 from memory). However they do have a reputation for things going bad.

    I bought a brand new 2010 Hyo 650R that had to go back to the shop a total of 6 times before I haggled my way into getting a replacement bike. It wasn't just the same issue reoccurring either, lots of things went wrong. The basic rule with a Hyosung is one of two things will occur;

    a) Bike runs fine - it will ride well and treat you nicely.
    b) Things go wrong - real bad, almost to the point where you will want to hang the helmet up.

    Also being a newer brand they havn't quite managed to get up to the same standard your Jap bikes have. There are some simple issues such as weight (210kg for the Hyo 650 yet there are 1000cc bikes that weigh 40kgs less), they don't seem to handle as smooth as other bikes etc etc.

    Then you have to think of things like mods - there will be a far greater amount of accessories available to the Yamaha simply because they've been around longer.

    Having said all that I am in no way attempting to completely trash Hyo's, but this was my personal experience with the bike. Personally I'd go the R6.
  5. for $250 get the R6
  6. R6. Personally, I wouldn't even consider a Hyo!
  7. Both are good bikes. you'll get a lot of hyo hate here, but they're not too bad. Really, its up to you. which do you prefer? The engines are pretty strong and charcterful on the hyo, but the r6 is a revvy little bugger.
    The age difference is pretty significant.
  8. I wouldn't have thought that with the age difference that the r6 would be more reliable. A lot of bike shops won't work on a bike that old.

    I would say its a coin flip on reliablility. Buy the one you like the look and feel of.
  9. R6 no question, A bike has to be pretty ****ed to get down to the reliability of a hyo.
  10. r6 hands down.
  11. R6. My workmate has a 99 model with more km than what your looking at. He has had no issues, and he commutes and plays on it.
  12. Personally, I'd get neither.

    Hyosung have an absolutely atrocious reputation, and the only reason they are still in business is because of people who buy vehicles without first checking on their reputation for reliability and build quality.

    As far as the 2000 Yamaha R6 is concerned, I had a work colleague a year ago who owned one of these, and the second gear had a manufacturing or design defect which caused it to prematurely fail. The symptom of this was it slipped under power. He could not afford the $2000 required to disassemble the motor, replace the gear, and reassemble. This defect was by no means an isolated occurrence. Google "2nd gear r6 problem".
  13. I knew the early R1 had 2nd gear issues but I had not heard of it in the 6.
  14. I just did a search, there does seem to be a problem with 2nd gear in the early r6's around the 20,000km mark. People were getting $2000 quotes to replace the transmission.

    Also Hyos have improved in recent years have they not?
  15. My Hyo needed a complete rear brake rebuild after 980ks....NOT 98,000ks, NOT 980,000ks but nine hundred and eighty kilometres.

    Rebuild including new pads, caliper and rotor.

    Didn't even make it to its first service.

    Bike is currently for sale at Action Parra ;)
  16. No question there.. go the Yamaha R6.. Nothing wrong with the older bikes.

    Look it over, make sure its straight & clean, no leaks. Fire it up, make sure there's no wierd noises.. let it warm up and give it a good rev, check for any blue smoke.. exhaust soot should have a brown tinge to it..
    Take for a short ride, make sure brakes are smooth, no shuddering, and all the gears are it the bag without any wierd noises.. Give it a short blast and make sure it goes up near the red line without running out of puff..
    If all thats good, you should be right to go..

    Best of luck with ur new purchase, and let us know what you go!
  17. R6 all the way, although the two bikes aren't really directly comparable. Everything, handling/power/weight/brakes/reliability is in favour of the Yammy. Nothing wrong with a 2000 R6 even with 40k kms PROVIDED YOU DON'T BUY A LEMON! Get it checked out before you buy.
  18. I have a 2000 R6, it's sick!
  19. i have a 2001 r6 and its a great first 600. sure there are more powerful and better handling 600's but its just so usable in the real world on real roads.

    i havent had any 2nd gear issues, and i am hard on gearboxes. i think its just a few problems with people riding them like wankers.
  20. Hey Guys

    Cheers for the advice. Due to the advice on here, my own research and taking them both for a ride. I am going for the R6. At first I was stuck but after riding the 2 I knew. Nothing wrong with the Hyo really but everything right with the R6 :). I will update this if it all falls apart though.