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2000 R6 Fender Eliminator Issues

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by stokedpaz, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. I have a 2000 model R6 and am tyring to find ways to improve the appearance of my bike. I really want to get rid of the ugly rear fender, however am finding the lack of option frustrating. There is a big flap that holds the number plate, however it is one piece that runs along the whole undertail.

    I have searched Google and the forum, and my options seem to be; converting it to the 01-02 tail with the two circular lights, getting some weird looking custom one with thin LEDs, cutting the big mud flap thing off the stock one.

    I am not really keen on any of those options. I want to stay with the '00 model shaped lights so the first two options don't work for me and I really dont want to cut the stock undertail as I would like to keep it incase I need to put it back on.

    I have found cool integrated tail lights that fit in, however I would still be left with the stupid big mud flap that holds the number plate. Has anyone seen an undertail without it?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Anyone know a good slip on exhaust for this model too? I seem to be quite limited in choice here as well.
  2. My suggestion would be find a 2nd hand replacement for your undertail/fender, keep the original separate and hack up the new one. Shouldn't be too difficult to find one.

    With a bit of patience it may turn out quite well.. I've seen some amazing custom work around these forums before.
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  3. Considering i have a gixxer, this may not be of any help to you, but I got my eliminator from Evotech Performance, in the UK.

    Not sure if they have any 2000 R6 bits n pieces, but it might be worth while to contact them to see if they can find something that can be customised for your bike. These poms were quite friendly, and were quick on the emails (with timezones factored in)

    I suppose with their economy looking all crap, they wanted my business lol


    Delivery times are an issue though, UK to AUS takes over a month, unless u want to fork out more for express, which will still be a minimum of one week!
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  4. There's usually a few options for fender eliminators. Just don't limit your search to Aus.
    Keep your original in the shed for when you find the wrong cop who defects you.
  5. Thanks guys!

    I will probably go along the lines of the self job on the 2nd hand replacement undertail. I have had a bit of a look and they seem quite hard to find!

    Archaeon I had a look at that site. They look the goods if you have an R6 01 model or later. Just my luck to miss out by a year. Thanks for the suggestion though, if I am struggling, I may email them and see what custom jobs they reccomend.

    2Loud I have been looking everywhere. It seems like the 99 and 00 models are unloved in the tail tidy department!

    I shall keep you posted!
  6. Thanks mate. Seen a few of those. Still need to chop stock undertail up to fit those.

    On a side note, I'm pretty p!ssed off! I rang around a few wreckers yesterday to see if I could find an undertail to chop up. This one place tells me they have one so over I go.

    When I look at it, I think it's not right. I tell him that mine is all one piece, not a fender that bolts on, which he has for me. He somehow manages to convince me that it is the right one and that it bolts into the plastic underneath. I shell out $100 for it and get home only to realise it IS THE WRONG ONE!! Looking at my receipt now it says, "No refunds" This sux!

    Lesson learned, always take a picture and know exactly what you need before you are convinced by some dude that doesn't know what he is on about.
  7. ... Why am I helping a yammie!:-$
  8. Haha thanks mate. I do appreciate your help.
    Think of it as helping a rider, forget the brand.

    That set up looks good, still a chop and install job though. I'll take a pic of my undertail so you see why it's a pain!