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2000 GSXR600?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fizmotech, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Just a few questions.

    Of all the 600s of that vintage, the gsxr is the cheapest. Is it the best bang for buck?

    Would you take one of these at $5800 or save up for a 2003 R6 at $8000?

    Whats with the pillion seat cover, it looks really bulbous !?!
  2. if it's got the bulbous seat cowl it isn't the 2000, but an earlier SRAD 97-99

    it will depend on your physique, the early model suzukis well up until 03 really suited a bigger rider, where the R6's have been quite small in comparison since they superceeded the original YZF600r's

    the earlier gsxr's did have a few problems, with the exhaust vlave sticking, and secondary throttles sticking as well, but they are no biggie

    at the end of the day it is up to your preference though, and what feels best for you
  3. 2000 is the srad. then the k1,2,3 came out. the 750 was released in 2000.
    600 and 1000 in 2001.
  4. ah my bad, i had seen 600 plastics for sale that matched mine off a 00, guess he had changed it himself
  5. Hey fizmotech, I just remembered something else - the brakes on my '00 750 aren't great, and they are probably pretty similar to those on the 600 (not sure though). You should test-ride a couple of different bikes and make sure you are comfortable with them - I hated the feel at first, but they don't feel so bad now that I'm used to them.

    It was probably an '01 model with a late '00 build date. I was looking for a replacement clipon from online wreckers (I bent it with my awesome tie-down power... it's hard being this macho :p ) and had to specify whether it was a Y or a K1 model, as I believe both were being manufactured in 2000.

    Maybe some parts are also interchangeable?
  6. thanks all.

    so they a bigger bike for the engine size?

    i really love riding 250s due to size and weight (unfortunately the torque just isnt there). so was hoping to find a 600 with not too many kms between $5-$6k.

    a 99ish r6 can be found for that price range right? they feel smaller?weight seems about the same though.
  7. The cbr600 F3 fits into that range.
  8. but then i would be riding what everyone else rides ;-P

    to be honest i cant find one much cheaper than the super sports. in fact i have found rr to be cheaper. but good tip will keep my eye out. certainly a good size.
  9. Yeah I understand what you mean. They're a bit like the commodore of the bike world. The fact that they're common is a gift and a curse. Need parts, no problem. Cheap, low kms examples aren't too hard to find. But you can't exactly claim originality riding one.
  10. use the top clamp, my el-cheapo bunnings straps hook onto the top clamp beautifully

    the full fairing set off the K1-3 600 will change over as well as frame and sub frame