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2000 CBR 929 RR battery dead and 80% loss of power

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by landog, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Came downstairs after work tonight to jump on my new bike, hit the starter and ...nothing.. just a very slow noise at is struggled to turn over once..

    Weird thing is it has a brand new battery ??

    I wonder whats wrong ?

    Anyway managed to get a mate to give me a push start..

    Driving home and i noticed the bike had lost almost 80% of its power.. at 5000RPM it was desperate for a gear change and max speed in 1st was like 45.. instead of the usual 80.

    Thanks christ I have it boked in for a once over with Llyod's on thrusday..

    Any thoughts whats wrong guys ?

    Is this loss of power usual.. I rang LLyod and he said something about the regualtor or somthing blowing on CBR's regularly

  2. Hi landog,
    I was working at a bike smash repairer last year,
    and the boss had said the Blades are know for regulator problems,
    So get whoever is checking your bike to test the regulator output.
    As for lack of revs and horse power,
    is your bike Injected?
    Lack of battery voltage won't help your fuel system,
    lack of fuel = no power.
    Just an idea,
    Other netriders may give you a better answer.
    Could just be a dud battery?

  3. hey bud thanks for the thoughts

    yep apparently cbr's are known for probs with the rectifier / regulator.. sounds like mines screwed..

    Lukily i have it in for a major service on thursday