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2000 Aprilia RS250

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  1. darrenwilliam79 submitted a new Showcase Item:

    2000 Aprilia RS250

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  2. Nice find mate. The RS250's were my dream bike when I was younger. Not LAMS approved though. So the RS125 will do for now. Two strokes are so much fun to ride.
  3. Yeah I love the rs 125 too. I rode a white one like yours with and arrow pipe and re-jet and it was surprisingly nippy. They're really cheap second hand too. I've seen nice examples in the late model with the arrow going for under $3k! I think lots of LAMs buyers overlook 2 strokes probably due to a lack of knowledge about them. Good news for savvy 2nd hand buyers!
  4. Sweet RS, good catch mate. I will forever regret selling mine (impractical and unreliable POS though it was), and as you said anything clean on the market is going for nearly new bike money.
  5. Awesome looking bike darrenwilliam79darrenwilliam79 !

    I've owned a RGV and a NSR, would love another 2 stroke. One day..
  6. Thanks Bob! RGVs are shooting up in price too so you'd best get onto it. I'm thinking these GP inspired 250 2 bangers may appreciate like the 500 2 strokes of the mid 80s have. Well I can hope anyway!
  7. Lol yeah even this tidy one has had some gremlins in the first couple of weeks of ownership. I rode it down for GP weekend at the island, but coming home on the Sunday it was running like crap, would only pull 100kph if you kept it in 3rd, so that was a fun ride home listening to 8000rpms of Arrow pipe for an hour and a bit. Anyway after a couple of evenings removing fairings and tank, then inspecting air filter, carbs, reeds, plugs, I couldn't find a thing wrong, so I put it all back together. I thought I'd see if still ran at all after my ham fisted meddling before taking it to someone who knew what they were doing, but anyway a couple of kicks later and it fired into life and sounded sweet again. Went for a 100km squirt yesterday and it was flying! I have no idea what I did but who cares! Oh and I now somewhat know my way around the engine. Win win!
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  8. Darren, I have to tell you I am jealous as all hell.

    My trouble is that I just don't fit on the RS250, or the RS125, otherwise I'd have one in the garage now.

    The quick two-strokes aren't the easiest things to ride, and, Dog knows, they aren't economical, but...... shit, they are good fun! :)
  9. How big are ya Cam? I'm a touch over 6 foot and don't find it too bad. It came with nice looking rearsets which I didn't really like position wise so I put the stockers back on. I find having long arms actually helps riding sports bikes cos you can be more upright on them. Oh and the seat on the RS is actually quite cushy and accomodating
  10. Its not the bigness that causes the problem, Darren, its the oldness and decrepitude. ;-)

    About 50 years ago, I had my back chopped and channeled, and, since then, nose down/bum up sports bikes just don't really work for me.