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200 + motorbike riders booked [VIC]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Check this out ;

    Victoria Police have booked more than 200 motorcycles for speeding on their way home from the Phillip Island MotoGP.

    Senior Sergeant David Carey, from the East Gippsland Traffic Management Unit says most of the bookings were for speeds between 120 and 140 kilometres an hour.

    He says the riders appear to behave themselves as they leave Phillip Island, but become more unruly as they head east.

    Senior Sergeant Carey says many riders will be disappointed in five or six weeks when they get their fines in the mail.

    "They overtake on the left of the cars or they ride up to the back of the cars and the people get frightened and the people move over," he said.

    IMO this is clearly a case of the police being mean spirited to motorbike enthusiast's .
  2. Got a link?
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  4. It's the road.

    It's as boring as bat sh&t. So you speed to get somewhere else that is more interesting
  5. BOO-fcukING-HOO @ slow ass right lane hogging cager fcuks who get frightened by a motorbike flying up behind them.

    99.9% of riders I saw heading home were so well behaved it was actually boring.
  6. How stupid are those 200 people?

    Speeding on the way home from MotoGP. Is there a more likely time you are going to get nabbed?

    Bad luck, morons....... :roll:

    And isn't it funny, everyone bitches and moans about VicPol booking them for 3km's over, and when they set their sites higher and mostly book 120kmh+, guess what, their still moaning!
  7. Silly people.

    You would think of all the places not to speed, to/from the Island would be one high on the list given it's MotoGP weekend.

    Wonder where they had their camera.

    I left 6am Monday morning and was drowned by the rain.
  8. +1 mate
  9. as they head east?

    Where would they be headed?
  10. i hope im no one of the 200...i dont think i was going that fast and i remember seeing all the cameras i did and went extra slow.
  11. Thank christ, I thought this was a thread about tonight's mystery ride....

    Yeah, the bikers at the GP this year were disgracefully well behaved. Cowes on Sat night was actively depressing. Get a dog up yez.

    And yeah, that's a dumb place to speed.
  12. good one loz... what do you mean by tonights mystery ride... i thought it was a rather slow pace this evening....
  13. They'll get their fines in 5-6 weeks eh?

    Thank heavens that the roads will be kept "safe" from these "maniacs" in 5-6 weeks time. :roll:

    Yeah - it's ALL about safety. Right! Right? Riiiight.

  14. Easy money for me Loz :grin:

    Just the one dipshit "roughed up" and arrested.
  15. Hope they booked the speeding cars too :evil:

    Pretty much everyone seemed to be doing around 110 on the way back, except for the odd bogan car and wannabe racer.
  16. So the cops were using cameras? I thought all the cameras had been privatised?
    Either way, if I had been doing 120 or more I would just cop it sweet. Not like there weren't warnings.
  17. There were several marked police cars with radar guns pointing out the window...

    In fairly obvious places too, I might add.
  18. There were obviously enough to book them though... :roll:
  19. So how many motorcyclists died on the way home from the GP? If the ones they booked were averaging 130km/h, weren't they 64 more times likely to crash on the way home? (MUARC logic, for those wondering - 5km/h = double risk). So we had 200 riders with a risk level 64 times higher than usual? And none died?

    Yeah, speeding kills. For sure. Bloody revenue raising exercise, if I ever saw one. If safety was a concern they'd be pulling bikers over and slowing them down, not photographing them to hand them a tax invoice in 6 weeks.
  20. If the idiots in the cars moved over in the first place...