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20 year old - looking to start racing, any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by supernatural_18, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Hey,
    Im new here, have had a quick look around the site but havent read everything so hope im not repeating questions..

    For about a month i have been looking at Honda 250 .. a nice reliable bike to get me around town.

    However, i have always wanted to race.
    Given i havent raced before, should i begin in the 125gp or formula 400? The reason i ask is, i could get an rvf400, ride it on the road and on the track and thus save some money.
    Otherwise, i buy the honda and get a 125gp 2 stroke for track days. (would cost quite a bit but if this is the best option i am willing to do it)

    Anyone got some advice? Im sure people have been through the same thing..

    And just a few curious questions, what age do people normally start racing?
    And, what bikes race in the 125gp? Honda RS125 and yamaha tz125?

    Thanks alot for your time!!
  2. Racers typically ride in some form since they're like 6 years old. However who was it that didn't start riding until he was 18 and now is in the gp?

    If you haven't ridden on the road before, and you're talking about racing - something is wrong.

    Get a 2 stroke 125 (maybe rs125) or cbr250rr, or as you said rvf400 and start riding and doing some track days, join a racing club and see how you go.

    Can't believe I'm having to actually say that, when its all the obvious!
  3. What state are you in supernatural_18 and welcome to netrider.

    Possibly the best thing for you is to join your nearest racing club and get someone to take you under their wing.
  4. Not sure about current GP riders but Biaggi fits the bill. These are however the exception rather than the rule.
  5. One of the Troys didn't start riding until he was in his 20's I think?
  6. Hey,
    Thanks for the comments..

    Phizog i realise that i need to be doing some riding on the road first, im not planning to race tomorrow im just planning ahead before i go and buy a bike.. And there are plenty of juniors that learn to ride a road bike by racing. I have riden 250 2 strokes dirt bikes for several years too.

    I dont really want to ride a 2 stroke on the road. So i guess my best option is for a and in a few months get a 125gp bike?
    I dont want to get a rvf400 or cbr if it wont teach me alot about racing.

    Any other opinions?
    Also, still wondering what bikes compete in the 125GP. Thanks guys!
  7. By the way im about 6ft, weigh about 60kg..

    Do aprillia rs125's race in the 125GP as well?
  8. You're too late.

    You should have been born to millionaire parents!! :LOL:.

    Seriously, go for it!!!
  9. Haha ill take it that was sarcastic.. lol
  10. You don't have to ride on the road to go racing. Many of the top racers don't ride on the road at all. This is for a number of reasons though. Mostly to do with police, safety and money.
  11. Yeah, I was joking. The old saying is, "The only person to make a small fortune out of road-racing started out with a big one".
  12. Why don't you check out a race school at Broadford,

    Even if you don't have a bike, go along, have a look, and ask LOTS of questions,

    Do i join Hartwell. or preston , or other racing clubs, what do i need to do to get a licence, HOW MUCH ARE LEATHERS fARK THATS A LOT, what!!!! you have a trailer to bring your bike on, hadn't thought about the cost of race glass type of Q'ns

    Racing can be great fun, and you will learn how to ride, but be warned, how do you make a small fortune out of racing.......start with a really bike fortune!!

    Go get them kid, and ride it like you stole it

    PS: By the way, i think a 400 would be a great choice
  13. Thanks guys..

    So given my age, weight, height and riding experience, should i:

    - Get a seperate roadbike -- race with a 125gp bike (Honda rs125, yamaha tz125 -- any others? what about aprilia rs125?)

    - Get a 4 stroke roadbike that can be raced -- eg rvf400 is probably the best thats within the VIC LAMS

    Im going for option 1, because ive heard its much better to learn on a 125gp. Which raises my question again, what bikes does this category include? Aprilia rs125's seem much cheaper than the yami and honda race bikes.

  14. Do you have any mechanical skills? Useful if you do.
  15. Hey stan thanks,
    I have spoken to preston, they have a 'learning' day in january i think. What does broadford offer? Can you try out racing there?

    Im not really out to make any money... i just wana have some fun!
  17. Yeh a fair bit, im no whizz but im still learning. Can rebuild a carby, not too great at tuning but its all practise. Can probably handle anything on the bike but engine rebuilds i guess.
  18. A Honda rs or Yamaha tz 125 is a GP bike, built to race. An RS125 Aprillia is a production road bike, built to ride on the road (mainly) but with a racing slant

    A 2 stroke will need a lot of maintaince, and is not all that cheap to run, even for 4 or 5 race meets a year, (trust me, i raced a TZ 250 for a season and it kept me very busy, and very poor)

    A 4 stroke on the other hand is the complete opposite, oncw set up, will require only minor services during the racing year, without a major off that is, see, the money, its all about the $$$$ and how much you can afford.

    Go to broadford for a race craft day, and ask politley, and people will let you throw a leg over their bikes, try as many as you can, and see what fits
  19. Hey thanks stan,
    Do you know when these days are? Or where i can find out?
    So those people on here that 'race' with aprilia rs125, is that just club track days and not actual competition?
  20. Hi supernatural.
    Preston MCC is holding a race school and fun day at Broadford on Saturday 19th January.
    Why don't you come along and check out the local racing. Sunday November 4th is the final round of the Interclub at Broadford. Saturday and Sunday 2nd December is the Hughie Hoare Memorial Race Weekend, also at Broadford. On Sunday arvo there are 3/4 hour endurance races, which are a different to the usual sprint races.