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VIC $20 MEGA/Phillip Island Gift Voucher

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by icemaker, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. Hey guys, I just got a reminder from MEGA that I have a $20 gift voucher that's due to expire 22/4. It can be used to book in a track day and considering they only do Phillip Island now I thought that I could pass this on to someone down in Mexico and save them a few bob. I have no idea if it can be transferred, but its only a code has to be entered to receive the discount so I don't see why not.
    First in wins and Ill PM over the code.

  2. Can you edit heading to add phillip island, maybe get a more focused response?

    And wtf would someone give you a voucher for another state? seems stupid? What is a MEGA?
  3. Good idea!

    They used to run Eastern Creek in Sydney and I did my first track day with them. They give you a voucher on your first track day with them I think.

    Motorcycling Events Group Australia, they run California Superbike School in Australia and Phillip Island track days
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  4. Email MEGA and ask the question whether it's transferable. It used to be a good draw for us - the more track days you booked, the better the vouchers were. Basically worked out a free track day here and there. A good initiative if you ask me. Stay Upright are offering nought/zero/denarda/fcuk all for repeat bookings. A little disappointing for regulars if you ask me - hence my track time has diminished without a carrot dangling.
    We used to save the years track day vouchers up and use them at PI for a 2 day annual track trip - now it's hard cash, grrrrrr.
  5. Yeah it was a nice little kick back. These days it seems SMSP track days get easily booked out so there no incentive for Stay Upright to give out freebies, which is a shame as some people spend serious coin with the feckers.
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  6. They always got booked out. But a brucey bonus was always an incentive. MEGA still do it for PI and other tracks they run. I emailed SU and asked.......... got a 'nup, we don't do that' answer.
  7. Bastids!!
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  8. I received a 20 discount voucher from my recent track day at the island.

    I used it last week to book another track day may 10th :)
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  9. If its still available I'll take it icemakericemaker . I'll book 10th of may I reckon. What group did you book Nick s1000rNick s1000r ?
  10. Done! I'll pm you soon with the code
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  11. Thanks heaps!
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  12. Slow group mate that's plenty fast enough for me :).
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