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$20 later from Bunnings. . . . . patent pending ! LOL

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. okay, $20 well spent at Bunnings !

    Ta-DAAAAA !!!
    Instant Camera Mount !

    You gotta love nakeds with trelis frames, 25-27mm U-bolts snug right over. ;)
    I've put rubber strips on the frame to make sure it does not get scratched and add a bit of anti-vibration.
    I'm putting one on the other side to get another camera angle.


    . . . . and the magic thing is I can reverse it for the chase shot ! :eek:


    . . . . and get really arty farty and go for the boot shot to get the gear changes and brake applications. And if i wanted to, tilt it up to get the hand movements and helmet head shot while leaning out of the seat ! :grin:


    The best is I can view it from the cockpit !
    . . .. geeez i'm clever !


    A bit of wire around the nuts and threads to make sure they don't undo themselves. A safety line on the camera just in case it lets go . . but its Mickyb-Backyard Engineering !! . . guaranteed to LAST !!! hahaha !

    So who wants to do the OPH with me tomorrow to test it out !!!! :eek:

    You get some mad camera angle shot of your bike !!!!
    If you ride up close you can be a tryhard Ghostrider !! . . hahaha

    I'm currently working on my homemade tankmount !
    . . . . watch this space ! ;)


  2. Awesome work. I love jeryrigging things. I'm thinking about making a tank mount so will be good to see what you come up with!
  3. That's pretty cool! I think you will need some more rubber, but test it and see how it goes...it's a high vibration area of the bike!
    I'm going to have to get one of those video camera thingies.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. yeah, i have heaps more rubber left over !

    what ??? high vibration ?? . . from a V-twin Desmo engine ??? . . . really !!

    I'll test it out tomorrow, and post up the footage !
    I need a chase bike to come with me !! ;)

    And the beauty is . . . i can mount it on the VTR250 also ! :grin:
    Gotta love naked bikes with trelis frames !!!
  5. Yep, probably one of the best going around excellent work, you'll have to show us the vid, re: vibration etc. :cool:

    Hey you better get that registered as your design you could make thousands :wink:
  6. The camera has anti-vibration . . . . so it sould cancel out any low frequency vibrations.

    I have a shorter bracket . . . just in case the one shown in the pic has too much of a cantilever bending moment crap tendancy!
    I can always mount it closer to the bike, there is a second hole on the horizontal.

    And if i'm not using it for video footage . . .
    I can be a tryhard BMW Adventure rider and mount HID driving lights ! :p :eek:
  7. That looks WAY too flimsy for good footage to me, show me the proof that it's not...!

    Nice work btw.

  8. yeah, stick a DP (Ducati Performance) sticker on it !
    sell it for triple the price ! hahahha ! :LOL:
  9. Nice work, just dont drop it, u goose.
  10. I'm tempted to go just to watch him smash the bloody thing.
  11. The plan is to put my other digital still camera on the other side.
    Have my laptop in a tank bag.
    And record the footage straight to the harddrive !

    Now thats going to be expensive if I drop it ! LOL :LOL:

    Awesome sync-footage though, like changing camera angles and seeing gear changes . . . ;)
  12. groovy! :cool:

    there is only thing that might let it down is the camera tripod accessory :p there to flimsy! maybe if you could find a metal peice & bolt to fit the camera it would work better as it wont snap when your riding ur beast ducati :LOL:

    But like you said see how it goes :grin:
  13. I want to see the backyard crash bars that go on to protect the Spielberg kit :)
  14. Just came back from a wet night ride !!
    It works !! :dance:

    Youtube soon !
  15. Just please ride safe, cos that bracket really does look like it would chop your leg off.
  16. #16 Mickyb V9, Apr 28, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    okay, here is a rough first go tonight.
    I used my indestructable Fujifilm S5000 (the one i dropped at 100km/h remember - and it still works), didn't want to get the Sony DV camera wet. So there is no video stabilisation !

    Quickly editted it on MS Movie Maker . . . :rofl: @ soundtrack ! hahaha !

    Time to hit the old road tomorrow ! :p
    (if its dry)

    Gotta love the cold start Ducati engine rattle ! LOL


    hahahahahaha !
    what a classic ! . . not bad for 20mins work ! :LOL:
  17. That is freakin awesome though.
  18. Oh yes!!! :dance: Now i know who am i gonna have behind me on the next ride!
    (and it's not that hard to overtake him anyway!!!) :p

    Good stuff. Do you need to put the $$$dvcam up there? this one looks fine. Only consider to put the $$$ if it illuminates vibration. And try some rough road too.. I think i'll have to start using my mobile just for phone calls from now on :cry: :-k
  19. Nice work Micky :grin: .

    I just got DSL so I can watch all the ride videos :grin:
  20. Yeh, i was gonna say u'd need padding or something like mine but it works well. Was originally gonna use those engine bolts on my vtr and fabricate a piece of 90 degree metal tube with steel plate base on top but i didn't for that reason plus also more visible to the fuzz. But it looks and works great so meh! there ya go :) btw, bout being able to view the screen.. make sure it's used for adjustments and not while you're going along if you can coz there's a law against a screen that's able to be viewed whilst travelling along. That's the main thing they can get you for if they stop you. Well done on the backyard job!