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20,000ks and my first near miss!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Kezza53, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. I am quite proud of myself really. I had often wondered what I was capable of in time of trouble! Afterall...I am a late starter!
    I was heading to the coast from Coonabarabran. I had come from Townsville before that and not even a close call with a roo to add to the diary yet there I was tootling down the highway minding my own business enjoying the scenery when I was put to the test of all tests!
    A fuel truck pulled out in front of me...no not cutting me off just on a mission of his own getting his job done. I slowed down a little to observe the 5 second rule and was happy enough to do the speed limit. I got to day dreaming about where I was going to be that night and for a split second took my eye off the truck. When I eventually decided to wake up he had stopped doing a right hand turn and the steel rim of the tray was about 10 metres and approaching fast! At least I was, afterall he was stopped, with lights blinking and indicators flashing! What was there I couldn't see?:shock:
    I threw back the throttle while knocking down a couple of gears, the back wheel screached grabbing the tar like claws. She started to slide and the front wheel leaning towards the drain now but just missing the tailgate of the truck by inches. I thought it was going to lay down on me but I steared her in the direction of the road along the side of the truck and gave it some and took off down the highway saying 'Oh God...thankyou for looking after me!' I never stopped as I reckon I may not have got back on till I found a creek to wash my draggin jeans out!
    It was my fault...can't blame anyone else for that. What I learnt though was that I could actually drive myself clear of the eminant disaster (lucky this time). My head would have still been rolling if I hit the truck and my bike would have been in the ditch with the rest of me! I never want to do that again. It didn't frighten me enough to give up or make me nervous but I think I will give up day dreaming while riding!:nopity:

  2. Jeez, I bet that gave you the fright of your life!

    I think the lesson there is not that you can handle a sticky situation, because that might encourage a false sense of confidence, but that you've got to be paying complete attention all the time to the bloke and the road in front of you, because things change quickly and often without warning. I learnt that one the hard way after 25,000 kms of accident-free motorcycling. ;)

    Congrats on steering yourself out of trouble! :)