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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Jay77, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. For the second time I'm the proud owner of one of these
    2012 M109R

    Although the gixxer thou was intense and more refined it also made me appreciate these bikes more

    Its going to be a gooood summer
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  2. You could have joined the Army and gone into the Tank Corps :LOL:.

    j/k looks nice :)
  3. The rear tyre on these is huge :) Always a fun time a new bike. Congratulations, off to the Grampians then :)
  4. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppp---ppppaaaaaaaaarb


    ::that is all
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  5. Nice bike :applause: one ? ive been looking at the C109R did you compare them and is there much difference from your perspective
  6. Very noice!
  7. I believe the c109 has a retuned engine producing less power but more torque, smaller rear tyre too.
    The C109 IMO is much more relaxed cruising and pillion friendly
    I was torn between these two bikes and if I was going to be doing more riding than Im able to the C defiantly would have one
  8. Had one for 4 yrs - great all rounder bike.
    gearbox has been redesigned since I bought mine, maybe you wont have the 2nd gear problem I had with bent shifter forks, and badly meshing gears.
    Yeah, they redesigned the clutch as well.
    Even with that, no regrets from me - It is a great bike.
  9. nice
    the cruisers will take over nr....
  10. in the picture, it looks like the headlight is aimed at the front wheel.
  11. Haha
    The light does look that way now you mention it.
    Only cause the handlebars are turned though

    The second gear issue still seems to be present in some form
    Unless I change early or late in the rev range it's quite clunky
    But only on the up shift .
    Other than that
  12. Wow, That looks huge. Like its 9 foot long or something!
  13. Very nice, I am jealous. I was so close to grabbing one earlier this year. Great bike.

    Any mods planned?
  14. Cheers thanks for the info (y)
  15. Congrats mate!
  16. Ty folks
    A few mods are planned

    Polishing the wheels, nice and sparkly for summer.
    $370 per rim which I think is reasonable
    The usual suspects as grips, risers, pegs etc
    Exhaust. I was leaning towards cutting the stockies and removing baffles,
    But reportedly there seems to be a bit of a blitz on loud pipes right now,
    So I may invest in some V&H big shots