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2 x road bikes in a trailer/ute/etc - measurements required

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by SHEPPO, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. G'day all,

    After info from those of you who fit 2 road bikes into a trailer/ute/etc.

    I'm wanting to fabricate a set of tracks for 2 road bikes to sit in, similar to what a bike trailer has. the tracks will be welded to a basic tube steel frame, and "drop in" to my 6x4 trailer, or in the back of a mate's ute. i made something like this years ago for 3 dirt bikes, but don't have it anymore (bummer).

    Problem is i don't have 2 road bikes in my garage to measure up, nor a bike trailer to measure off.

    So, can a fellow NR member help me out by going out to their shed, yard, etc, and measure the spacing of the wheel tracks on their bike trailer for me? just need to know the distance between centers of the channels.

    If anyone could help, that would be sweet. Would like to get this all welded up this weekend.

  2. i reckon around the 850mm, though it all depends on the bikes themselves, one of mine is a sv1000 has higher flat bars and the other is a r6 (doesn't have mirrors etc), so i can get them closer together.

    Btw if it's wrong don't blame me and good luck getting 2 sportsbike in the back of a ute too :)
  3. Gixxer is 700mm bar end to bar end. Centres of the channel will need to be 750mm minimum, problem is that only leaves you 225mm from the centre to the side of the trailer in a 6x4.

    Tight, is what they'll be and you'll want to make them super secure so as not to rock and bump each other or the trailer sides.

    Good luck, post up pics when you're done.
  4. both the ute and trailer have rope rails down both sides for secure mounting of tie downs. said rope rails are outside the walls of the 6x4, so their width is more like 1.7-1.8m or something. should be plenty. will give it more thought tomorrow with less beer is my system :LOL:
  5. I was more thinking about the lower fairing hitting the side of the trailer.....
  6. see how we go tomorrow. it may not work :p