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2 x LED lights for brighter corners

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by AznCruiser, May 29, 2011.

  1. Need some expert advice from the wonderful people of Netrider.

    Long story short, Ive chucked a tanty from not being able to see whats around the corners properly. The low beam has the spread but not the distance while the high beam has the distance but not the spread............................at first I changed my stock Aprilia 55w/12v H1 and H3 halogen globes to a 35w/12v HID H1 and H3 @ 6000k lights that I scored on fleabay for a cool $60 including postage.

    Sure HID looks brighter and whiter but I was after floodlight effects that lights everything up including the sides. So im now looking at these bad boys.......and thinking about running them with my high beam and angling them to the sides to get the desired effects.

    The only problem I have is whether my bike could support these extra two LED lights. Im going to wire the two +ve and two -ve wires from the LED to my existing high beam +ve and -ve.

    So Im effectively going from:

    55w (stock)
    to the current 35w (HID)
    and want to do 35w (HID) + 20w (LED) + 20w (LED)

    ........................is this project a yay or a nay?


    2 x LED Riding Lights
    @ 1700 lumen (each)


    so it will look something like this............
    a VisionX demo with 2 x 900lumen LED.
  2. You are effectively running an extra 20w. Your owners manual should tell you what power your alternator puts out and what the existing lights etc draw. From that you can tell if you have 20w to spare or not. If you have spare capacity then all good. Things like horns, blinkers draw power buit since you don't run them continuously you can ignore them, but don't forget to allow for anything extra you may have added like GPS, heated grips, phone charger, mobile latte frother etc.

    Even if you don't you can still run them but will be drawing the extra power form the battery. That is you will be slowly discharging your battery. Again as you are only talking extra lights which you are probably only running at night, it probably won't be a problem unless you are doing prolonged night runs. However if you don't have the capacity and run too long you could flatten the battery to a point where either the starter won't turn over of on some bikes insufficient power to give spark.

    Nice looking little lights. I will be interested in hearing a report on how they work. Where do they come from.
  3. + 1 to GreyBM, I believe the standard big Aprilia charging system is 450w so there should be enough capacity in the system to run these lights plus the rest of the bike electrical load. As your lighting load has increased (by 40%) you will need to fuse these extra lights separately to your main lights. So I would add an extra relay and fused line with the relay coil powered from the current light circuit.

  4. I dont know where these lights are made from by the main distributor seems to be from Canberra, so delivery shouldn't be that long. Ill see if I can get an update once I get it on.

    At the moment I dont have any other things attached to the bike, so really just the blinkers, and all other lights that a bike normally comes with. Im effectively adding 20W with these two lights since ive gone down from stock by 20W.

    The other stuff like mobile charger, GoPro charger, USB charger sits in the cruiser :).

    Mine isnt a big Ape, its a little tiny 125 :)....."add an extra relay and fused line with the relay coil powered from the current light circuit" I have no idea what you just said lol...........I nearly failed electrical at Uni and forgot everything I learnt lol.......
  5. The little Aprilia Alternators are rated at 180watt (I think??) so you have a lot less leeway to play with. Multiple short trips at night you may have problems because the battery may not have time to recover charge before you put a heavy load on again to start. As it is going to be a High Beam only it is unlikely you will be doing short trips with these lights on.

    I don't know the circuit diagram of the Aprilias but I mean something like this:

  6. Well ive bought and paid for the two lights already :p.......so whatever happens happens.

    Hopefully the addition of 20w over standard wont tax it too much...........the two LEDS should draw less than 4 amps all up.

    Thanks Chris thats very informative. So, im running 4 x 10w indicators (only two on at the one time), 10w brake/back light, 10w instrument I think, as well as a 35w head light (only one goes on at one time and the stock is a 55w halo)..........so basically a 20w increase over stock. Whats your expert opinion on this?
  7. I think you will be Ok. I have found a drawing for a RS125 and it is pretty simple, no relays, single 15 Amp fuse does pretty much everything to do with lights. So you should be able to just put your new lights in parallel with the current High beam. Buy some spare fuses and keep them under the seat just in case you blow a fuse and you are out at night.

  8. Wow Chris thats fantastic. I think ill go another route though, just in case. Basically connecting the two lights together then running the +ve and -ve to the battery. On the +ve having a 5amp fuse and its own switch.................this way I could turn on the low beam by itself (or with the new LED's), turn on the high beam by itself (or with the new LED's), or even just turn on the LED's by itself.

    This should help in preventing the battery from running out of juice or having a spaceship looking bike when all I really need is the high beam.........probably not be a cop magnet.
  9. Azncruiser, if you are in Melbourne I have a clamp meter you can use to check if your battery is still charging with the extra lights. You just clip it on a battery lead.

    I used it when I replaced my H4 55/60 with 90/100 and found out that I didn't get any charge until I was over 6000RPM (plus the headlight wires got really hot) so I changed it back. My VRT250 alternator is a bit anaemic though.
  10. Got the lights this afternoon and started installing it a couple of hours ago, really an easy task. I ended up doing what Chris suggested which was to run the new lights in parallel with the high beam. I did connect it to a 5 amp fuse just in case and even got 3 extra fuses (I already blew one after accidentally crossing some wires :p)

    This is how it came out of the box, basically two little boxes with no instructions..........seriously its so simple an instruction booklet would have been a waste of good paper. The white wire has a +ve tag leaving the black as the -ve.

    Stock highbeam and lowbeam = 55w 12v halogen
    Current highbeam and lowbeam = 35w 12v HID
    Installing = 2xLED 20w (each)

    Bouncing it off the wall. The low beam has good spread but really doesnt throw the light far enough to be of any use when going at anything above 40. The high beam + LED's has an even better spread and the light reaches further.
    High + LED

    Seeing how it performs on a larger area. Again the LED + high beam slaughters the low beam in terms of spread and distance. I couldnt test the high beam by itself but trust me, the high beam by itself is so focused straight ahead its pretty useless in corners.
    High + LED

    The lights would be pretty blinding to oncoming cars. But I still think that these lights are ON PAR with those pesky 4WD's in terms of blinding other road users.

    This is how I mounted it up. I basically used the same two holes and bolts that I used to mount and secure the HID.
  11. I think I need to do something like this, my high beams aren't worth jack
  12. Yeah the highbeams are great for long straight roads but useless around corners. My stock halogen lights were simply pathetic. The HID I have in this pic was actually far better than stock, yet, I still found it lacking.

    The camera didnt truely capture how much the 2xLED llights lit up the place. Im sure that out on a pitch dark road this thing would not only light up both lanes but would light up EVERYTHING, would proably scare its fare few koalas up on the trees along the way lol.
  13. Very nice AznCruiser, Thanks for getting back with your progress, they look very good. Roo Dazzlers ;)
  14. Got a link for where you got them and a price?
  15. Grey, its just a fleabay buy, there's plenty of different types.

    I got this one because of its style, lumen power and because the seller is based in Australia whereas most other sellers were American based.

    I got the 1700lumen for $189.90 + $11.90 postage. The 1500lumen is far cheaper and probably just as good. I just got the 1700 because you can never have too much lumen :p and because it has a wider spread (apparently) while still using the same wattage.


    Another good thing is that the light colour temp is closer to my HID lights 5000k v 6000k so they dont look out of place when turned on together. They both pretty much look like white light.
  16. Skimming through I couldn't see any mention, but have you got a switch so you can turn them off? That way you can just bang em on when you're in dark areas so even if you are drawing down on the battery they will be off most of the time.
  17. bought a switch and wires and everything for it. I even started setting it up that way..............................then stopped coz I couldnt find a place to properly mount it (the switch) and didnt want to drill any more holes on the bike.

    I have them connected to the high beam, riding in a well lit residential areas I would be in low beam.