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2 Wheels are unstable....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. But 1 wheel is even worse :LOL: .....yep you guess it, yours truly was out practicing wheelies while out for lunch today. :cool:

    Well you would think that after being almost blown off the straight section of road with a huge cross wind and then coming to a stop at a red traffic light which then required both feet to balance the bike in the wind, would at least make you slightly more cautious. :roll: ah everybody knows bikes are stable things once they are moving.........eeerrrr WRONG!!! :facepalm:

    Lights go green (no cars around) check both directions as I move off across the intersection.....next Loz's :demon: wise words of, "crack that throttle open" come into my head, off course the right hand responses. Wooohooo front comes up (probably not even a foot of the ground) but for the sake of the story I reckon it was so far up I was going back flip the thing.

    Well this is were it started to get slightly messy....remember that strong wind I mentioned earlier :-k , well it just so happened that strong wind and "practicing to" wheelies aren't really the best environment for learners, as I feel the whole bike move quite quickly to the right (i assume it was the wind as i haven't felt this feeling before) and with a sudden thud come crashing down to earth with a slight front end wobble :oops: "holy shit" i think to myself "that was close", well I regain my proper seating position say a quick thank you [-o< for landing (although not a soft one) my baby back on 2 wheels with me still on it (kind off) :LOL: and off I disappear into the distance.....all to say that was the only attempt I had at one on the way to get lunch.

    So how was your lunch break? :LOL:

    cheer stewy
  2. Haha wait til you get your first back-wheel speed wobble, that'll root ya! You can ask Eswen how that one feels from the pillion seat, I landed it with the peg on the deck in a straight line.... :shock:

  3. err no thanks todays events were quite enough for me...... :LOL: give me a few hours to stop shaking and will give it another crack.

    oh btw the tip (seems as how it's in the tip section) don't practice wheelies with heavy cross winds until you know what your doing :LOL:
  4. Hmmm, how was my lunch time.

    Left work early, I wasnt feeling the best :wink:

    Working in South Melbourne, I decide that a quick lap of hte Grand Prix track wouldnt be a waste of time. From there I head down alon Alexander Avenue through South Yarra then onto Yarra Boulevard in Burnley. Follow that all around to Bridge Road Richmond. From there it is down studley park road to the "other" boulevard in Kew practising throttle control the whole way. The intention was to sit on 60 (i know hte limit is 50, but if oyu sit on 50 it feels like the bike will tip over) all hte way without changing speed for any corners. Try to be smooth. Got to the end and thought, i should go back, but I should be heading home. So I wilted and got onto the Eastern Freeway and headed home.
  5. Keep up the good work but wait till your holding a wheelie and the wind catchs the bottom of the bike and puts you on a massive lean angle, Awsome feeling just remember to land it with the wheel straight.

    Post pictures next time you go out.
  6. yep will probably wait till i can pull them all the time....atm try almost everywhere but i would say most i only get the front wheel maybe a few inches of the ground..... although one of the intersections from work has a slight raise mid way through it, which is were i have been trying ot practice as it comes up quite easy...so yeah just getting the feel of it still :) but you bet yep once i can wheelie on demand pics will following quickly :wink:
  7. clutch it up brah :cool:

    I tried yesterday, no wheelie action. :oops:
  8. HAd a crack at it today also. Just power wheelies. I find it easy to get it up but cant hold it there for shit. The thing that scares me the most, as happened today, is i get the wheel up in 1st gear for a second or two and shit myself therefor close the throttle and put it back down. My problem is trying to make sure the front is straight before it touches down. It all happens soooo quick and a few time ive landed it quite crossed up. Kinda scared the shit outta myself for today. Any tips on keeping the bars straight? Sure, if you have the wheel well and truely up for a while, you have a bit of time to concentrate on that but for a noob.......

    Also been trying clutch ups. In second gear. Cant work the buggers out. I either let it out too quick and she jolts and bogs down or too slowly and she just slips and powers away! I need HELP!!!! :cry:

    Stewy, im in SE melb too. We should catch up for a wheelie practice session!
  9. Not enough throttle and/or revs.
    Exactly, too slowly.

    Get on youtube and watch some vids so you can hear what it should sound like. Nice quick rev, crisp clutch movement, maybe a small chirp from the tyre. ;)
  10. Ive only tried clutching it a handful of times. Still trying to get used to the surge of power. (also dont wanna flip the bastard) Power wheelies are cool but way too fast for my liking yet. I can do them but not confidently.

    Maybe i need to buy a cheap bike to practice on.
  11. Power wheelies are too fast? Dude, clutch-ups done correctly come up loads quicker than a power wheelie.

    Do spend some time on this, somewhere safe where you won't get flattened if you fcuk it up.
  12. Indeed. Keep your toe over that rear brake while practicing.

    Also, nearly everyone I know that does decent wheelies has flipped a bike at some point. Worth a thought. ;)
  13. Piffle, you can learn this skill without rooting your bike. It just takes a bit longer! :LOL:
  14. I think he meant the speed needed for power wheelies is too fast, not how quickly it comes up? Then again I have nfi about wheelies...
  15. I mean power wheelies are too fast in terms of kmh. I know clutch ups can be done without going mach1. Power wheelies usually end up well and truely past the 100kmh mark. (mine do anyway)

    And yeah, i kinda know flipping the bike is a real possiblilty. Probably why im such a pussy when i try. As i said, i should look into a cheap shitter bike to try this stuff.
  16. Well... Pretty much anything below balance point is going to end up at the rev limiter anyway, clutch OR power. And without some serious practice, you don't wanna be rooting around with balance point, it's waaaaaaaay up there.

    You can certainly get the wheel up very quickly with the clutch... But then to be honest, with a balltearing motor like the ZX10 you're more likely to shit your pants than do yourself much good clutching in first gear. As for second gear, well sure, but that'll rev out to over 180 on the ten won't it? Hardly slows you down!

    You're probably not on an ideal wheelie training bike, but hey, you work with what ya got!
  17. i thought a power wheelie was just by snapping the throttle on...this can be done from low speeds ie. thats how i am doing them atm, certainly not at 100km/hr atleast not yet anyway :wink:

    Yep maybe a practice wheelie day is in order......but i think it's best to not post up a location :LOL: :wink:

    Will check out a few of these youtube vidz, do you have any links to some good ones?

    Glad i am not the only one whole is shit scared of flipping the bike

    cheers stewy
  18. Your bike is a little... "different" Stewy, just like the rest of you.

    The SV will wheelie wildly on the throttle in first cuz it's a monster torquey v-twin thou. The ZX10 has actually got way more torque than your bike, but it needs some revs to get going, and it's got about a 50% taller first gear than you do, too.

    Once you've got the hang of banging it up on the rear wheel, you'll start holding the front up with the throttle... You'll continue accelerating 'til you hit the rev limiter and smack back down - which on your bike will mean you'll be doing around 100kmh when you touch back down. Devo on the ZX10 is doing the same thing, but coming back to earth at around 150kmh where teh 10 redlines in first. I've done this plenty, it's on the scary side, you get puffs of smoke from the tyre and there better bloody not be anything in front of you...
  19. Got the wrong bloke there Loz. When I put them down I'm doing more like 130 and I'm in 5th gear. :LOL: No ZX10 for me.
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