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2 wheeled luv 4 eva.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twainharte, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. little story a came across that left me all warm and fuzzy inside.

    hope you enjoy.


  2. Great story! :grin:
  3. same couple, same ride:

  4. haha Great stories.... you were owned!
  5. That's the sweetest story!! My husband and I are much closer now I ride as well :)
  6. Same here. Since I took up riding we have another thing in common :grin: . My first big ride was at a GP run, I had my learners 3 weeks. BUT I managed to overtake hubby on his VFR just before Tooradin and he didn't catch me until just after Lang Lang. I got caught up in the flow, he was a bit shocked too!! :shock: It was fun tho. :LOL:
  7. oh, isnt that sweet, i love stories like that, im like that with my wife as well, some say romance dies soon after marriage, it hasnt yet, i dont think it ever will. I love her more and more every day, even though she doesnt ride :cry:
  8. The first one was sweet...

    As for the second one :LOL: :LOL: