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2 weeks in Tasmania - Review of 2 sets of DriRider Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by friction, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Cross post from https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=118156

    Over the top of my day clothes, I wore the DriRider Summit Pro jacket and pants, which were very very warm and I was wholeheartedly impressed. In heavy rain, a little moisture made it through to my jumper on the right breast, and the cuffs got soaked, but overall I felt they did a very good job.

    I'll take the opportunity to mention I bought the jacket for $335 new (RRP $500) and the pants for $199 (RRP $300) from www.bargainbikebits.com.au - they often don't list all their products on ebay/website, so best to visit them in Heidelburg.

    You have never met nicer people in your life. Perfectly happy for you to take as long as you like trying on as many things as you like, with zero pressure to hurry up and buy.

    My partner wore the DriRider Jewel jacket and Blizzard pants, which were not nearly as heavy weight as the Summit Pro - and also not nearly as warm. But being protected from most of the wind and wet, they did a fine job - though again the cuffs are the weakness.

    On the advice of http://www.roadrider.com.au/_webapp_173643/‘Waterproof’_gloves I went for the Dririder Adventure gloves. The gloves were not even CLOSE to being waterproof. In the slightest drizzle they saturated through pretty much instantly and became cold and heavy.

    While not perfect, in my opinion the DriRider gear is generally good (not great), but certainly some of the best value for money gear - especially if you buy it from Bargain Bike Bits.
  2. cheers for posting!
  3. thanks mate.

    im off to tassie at the end of the month and am pondering getting a set of dririder-esque gear (i have rst textiles but they dont fit proper for me), or going in my leathers with a rain suit...
  4. I've worn a Nordic Pro for a couple of years and I'd say friction's experience is spot-on: Very warm and quite waterproof except for the cuffs. I've suffered a damp chest but found one of the many zippers weren't done up properly.
    I also wore a pair of "Adventure" (?) gloves for about 4 weeks (until the first time it rained...) - suddenly became waterproof at the point they filled up, and have smelt like arse ever since. On my shelf...
  5. Leathers with a condom suit for sure, I live here and all the fancy "waterproof" shit in the world doesnt work, apart from the $70 one piece Motodry plastic suit