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2 weeks after upgrading from 250cc review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by xoraak, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. hey all :) - I thought I'd share my thoughts after upgrading to a larger (much... much larger) capacity bike.

    Bit of history- been riding a vtr 250 for 18 odd months, mostly commuting around melbourne- lots of peak hour and sh!tty congested traffic, occasional spur run and a few twisty weekends here and there.

    Thought long and hard before the upgrade was decided on- ended up with a luurrvely black 06 superduke, price was good and insurance only $500 odd (nice work qbe!).

    And the bike gives me a woody. :grin:

    What's that I hear you say? Vtr250 to a superduke? Gonna end in pain?

    Here's the thinking-

    Was pretty intimidating jumping straight from a 250 to a litre twin, but I figured I'd end up on one fairly soon anyway- so to save a few $$$ made the plunge straight away.

    The peak power is about 115bhp, so not even as much as the race rep 600's around.

    I'll be honest and say I'm a pretty average-to-crap rider, and this is probably too much bike for me. I also KNOW I'm average-crap, and am taking it real slow, doing a few training days and eventually a track day :grin:
    I'm a pretty relaxed rider.


    After riding for a few weeks- here are my impressions:

    Power- wheyy hey HEY! What an absolute f-ing laugh bag! the sd has torque in huge grumbly vtwin dollops of pure evil fun.
    No where near as scary as I thought it would be though- I think this comes down to the delivery. Very linear, no sudden peaks or wheezy patches in the fueling- just instant steady power from the get go. It's not a problem toddling around at 30kmh in traffic, the injection does seem to be a bit jerky at these speeds though.

    Handling- I'll be f-d if I know what difference all the adjustable bits and pieces on the suspension do... but the ride is rock solid.
    It trains over pot holes without jolting, soaks up ripples and is pretty much awesome. Obviously anything after a 250 is going to be awesome though...
    Feedback through the suspension was a bit overwhelming at first- felt like my hands were holding onto the wheel- so much of the road surface was being transmitted straight to my arms. Will take a bit of getting used to.

    Brakes- heaps of feel and power. Definate 2 finger job, no effort needed to bring the beast to a stop.
    Not much more to say here.

    The bike is physically a lot bigger- the added weight is fine- but the handlebars are a bit sh!t lanesplitting! They are freakin wide. Ah well.

    Overall- stepping up from the 250, the biggest adjustment has been how much faster everything happens.
    eg: in 2nd gear entering the monash freeway, open the throttle and BANG- I'm at 100kmh in a stupid small amount of time. Less time to think about slotting in to the flow of traffic- just less reaction time in general!

    So really- so far it hasn't been a brown pants experience- just a hellalotta fun and I can't stop giggling like a little girl everytime the akrapovics pop and burble on the overun :twisted:

    Will update this post in a month or so when I've covered some more k's- got a tasty weekend up to lake eildon coming up :)
  2. Thanks man, great write-up, and one that definitely conveys some of the joy! I've been trying to resign myself to sticking with the 250 Spada for anotehr year or two because I don't have the dough and don't want to incur any more debt, but man, I'm tempted...
  3. I feel your pain dude- was in the same situation money wise, but figured owing the bank for the next 5 years is well worth it.

    Do it.

    Go on... do it. :twisted:
  4. Very nice looking bike there.

    Good write up as well.

    I am so looking forward to upgrading (Though not to anything as nice as a Superduke)
  5. good on ya mate i just recently up graded to a litre twin myself butr a vtr100 firestorm, the things is that it wont become to much of a bike for you if you dont allow it to control you instead of the otherway around, ie using less throttle being much smoother with opening her up etc just rememebr it isnt your underpowered 250 and it will buck you quicker then you can think about what is happening and you will be right

    get used to how the bike will react in situations allow youself plenty of time getting used to things like the power delivery, the way it rsponds to braking, and accelerating, with the big twins there is massive amounst of torque with means a power delivery pretty much right from the first slight twist
  6. Superduke! What a bike, I've heard nothing but good things. I'm all jealous now :grin:
  7. cheers guys :grin:

    twins rule (*ducks down*)

    i've got my camping chair with stubbie holder set up in front of the sd, just sit down and stare at it instead of the tv :p

    it looks even better in person, and the sound from the akro's....
  8. hey dude- I've only filled up a few times, so not a good average for tank range, but: petrol light seems to come on at 140ks, and then it's apparently 30ks to empty according to manual.

    not so good- the larger tank would be sweet.

    also the option of a carbon tank for the 06 model, but very VERE exy! :(