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VIC 2 week blitz on filtering CBD

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by minglis, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. I saw this info on FB today, thought it would be good to share:

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  2. Awesome news!
    I feel safer already.
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  3. Don't give 'em nuffin. The more money they make out of it the harder it will be to get the law changed.:mad:
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  4. Thanks for the tip, I've never had any success with controlling the urge to filter though.... maybe I need to take Christmas leave from today! Anyone else been busted/warned? Anyone able to narrow down the area they are focussing on?
  5. This same message has been doing the rounds
  6. Seems like a last ditch effort to raise revenue IMHO..
    Anyone seen this article from RACV? goo.gl/eR5cnA
    It actually states that "The Government has supported the recommendation for lane filtering “in principle”. If so, it would indicate that lane filtering is likely to be introduced in the future, perhaps as the trade off for not abolishing the the motorcycle safety levy which was another recommendation of the report. Of course lane filtering is a different concept to lane splitting (travelling in between the moving traffic) but is not yet defined in Victoria.
  7. Step 1: Look at names of active members of a facebook riding group.
    Step 2: add their number plates to the plate scanners.
    Step 3: Pull them over whenever you can for minor infringements, be a nice guy and let them off but tell them about a blitz.

    = Completely free campaign to slow riders that will work far more effectively then any tv campaign.

    Smart bastards.
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  8. I hadn't seen that RACV page before. My concern with the current RACV discussion is that it defines filtering as moving past stationary cars. I believe the UK definition of filtering is more pragmatic because it allows filtering past slow moving cars. The complexities and confusion if you were expected to halt instantly if a car moves make no sense. A slow moving line of traffic that you are filtering past is still safe. The key is that the traffic must be moving slowly enough that if a car moves to change lanes it happens slowly due to the slow speed of that vehicle
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. The timing RACV's article is more likely due to Vicroads starting work this month on the guided licensing system than it is anything to do with the government moving on filtering. The parliamentary Inquiry's conclusions on filtering where 'in principle' support for the concept but no recommendation for action.
    IMO, that means Vicroads is not prevented from doing a trial etc, but you'll have to wait and see whether they have any plans. It's quite possible VP are making a political statement of opposition by running this blitz, If that's what it really is.

    I think the best thing is to avoid getting pinged for two weeks and keep the whole thing as low profile as possible until all the pieces are in place.
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  11. #11 jmc, Dec 9, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2013
    There were two bike cops hanging around in front of the NGV this morning.

    Vicpol link mentions they are targeting the CBD but doesn't specifically mention bikes

    "Over the next two weeks police will be deployed to the central business district of Melbourne and suburbs and towns across the state, primarily targeting distraction and seat belt offences."

    Distraction = mobile phone

  12. well, they've just bumped the cost of a mobile phone offense to just under $500. They must be fizzing in their pants at the thought of collecting all that extra cash! Just imagine the Christmas party they could put on then!
  13. They were active on the Eastern this morning too. A car watching the Transit lane, plus a bike at the end in Hoddle St and one further down Hoddle St.
  14. Yeah two police bikes had pulled over two riders just after the Hoddle St/Eastern Fwy lights. I assume they pinged them for using the bus lane. Don't we have that "use bus lane 100m before intersection and go on the bus light" by motorcycles trial at the moment? If so, I'm not sure why they pulled them over. There were a couple of bikes using the bus lane for way more than 100m, so that may be it, not sure.

  15. Ohh good.
  16. If anyone here gets done under this blitz please let us know what the specific offence committed was (it'll be on the infringement notice).
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  17. Hi,

    I am in discussions with Yarra Highway Patrol about this issue as several people contacted me directly about being booked for being in the Bus Lane and proceeding on the B Light this morning.

    I have sent them the email I received from VicRoads that said we were allowed to be in the Bus Lane for the last 100 meters and proceed on B Light and copied VicRoads as well.

    Will keep you updated with progress.

    Jeremy Walton
    VMC Secretary,
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  18. Update.

    While I have not heard back from Yarra Highway Patrol as yet one of the riders booked this morning has called me to advise that he has been called and advised both of his tickets have been rescinded.


    Jeremy Walton
    VMC Secretary
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  19. Good to hear!
  20. Update take 2

    i have heard back from Yarra Highway Patrol, they have conducted their own research and agree with the VicRoads advice.

    They have already started withdrawing the tickets and one rider has already contacted me to advise he has been called and advised.

    If you have received a penalty notice and are not advised it is withdrawn their advice is as follows.

    My advice to your members who have received a penalty notice for disobeying a red traffic light at Eastern Freeway/Hoddle St whilst in the bus lane, is to contact the Police informant who issued the penalty notice and provide a copy of this e mail (from Ben Matters) requesting their penalty notice be withdrawn.

    If you require a copy of the email please contact me on 0400 119 628


    Jeremy Walton
    VMC Secretary
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