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2 vidoes, bike , do i look like pumpkin on a bike?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by kyro_02, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. nothing special just got bord !

    first video of engine noise

    second me lapping the backyard, that raises a question, do i look like a pumpkin on a bike, in terms of how you see a clown on those mini bicycles hehe

    it has tapping sound from the head i have a mobil. mechanic coming out to do the rocker cover seals + put mirrors on so i will see what he can do for the noise .. prev. owner said he tried tuning or somthing and couldn't get it right again cause it has to be spot on.


    also took her for a test ride in my backyard .. as you see there is hardly any room, but it won't stop me from taking it for a spin ;)

    *i look like a pumpkin on a bike don't I? lol

  2. The second video would have been so much funnier had you lost control, ridden over the bush (more so) and crashed into the chair....

    But then, I'm into slap-stick comedies.

  3. lol admittedly i didn't predict the bike to go that sideways the first time cause the ground went on a bit of a slope where i did it... the second one i had to go that wide cause i had the water compressor lines and gun .. didn't wanna run it over
  4. Blimey. :shock:

    Throw the bike out. Your repair will be more than what the bikes worth. [​IMG]
  5. are you being serious? cause isn't it just a tuning thing?, and its only the top end which wouldn't be hard pull off and fiddle / fix if it needs to be taken off ?
  6. Nah mate, only takin the piss [​IMG]


    I know sweet FA about the mechanical side of things dude.

    Easier for me to just pay someone to do whatever, so sorry,
    cant offer any help you in that regard.
  7. lol thats cool, i'm in the same boat . I have a guy coming out on the 22nd to do the rocker cover gasket and mirrors, so i too get people to do mechanic work .. maybe he'll be able to fix it without any added costs hehe *i can only hope :p*
  8. Hey,

    Heres something interesting. I was just browsing through your online album.

    This photo you have in your Photobucket album is the car in which the driver &
    front passenger were killed instantly last month. Driver was a good friend of mine.

    http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k208/kyro_02/Vehicle Accidents/CRASH_wideweb__470x3080.jpg

    Rear passenger was lying down & they reckon thats what saved him.


    Heres one from another angle taken from the Police website


    Heres a photo I took of Paul (L) in 2005. He left behind a 3yo daughter.


    Its hard accepting we'll never f*ck around again.
  9. shit man sorry to hear, i seen it on the news and i couldn't believe the carnage
  10. To answer you question no u dont look like a pumkin cause pumkins dont ride :LOL: :p

    vid quality no so good haha but you captured ya first bike ? i asume
    :LOL: @ you doing wheel spin on grass then almost head towards somthing stationary :p
  11. What an utterly magnificent film. How did Scorsese pip you for the Oscar?
  12. you know you liked it !

    i've become a more better hooligan now hehehe :)
  13. How did they end up under the truck? Looks like they T-boned it.
  14. found out why it was making tapping noise......... 1 of the tappets was missing a NUT and it was munched in the engine but i got 90% of it out (well actually, drew from rolling motorcycles did hehe)

    tomorrow i'm getting brand spank'n new tappet nut